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Else Heart.Break()
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Else Heart.Break() is so unique, Its not much of a game, but I think its an its an incredible simulation, and for the right kind of person could be a really fascinating world to explore / interact with. The game is basically a cyberpunk-light sims in an sandbox world, with an incredible art style, and great great music.

The game starts out with almost no direction and soon you find yourself wandering the streets talking to people. Based on what they say your lead to main story which will direct you into learning to hack the world - literally. The difficulty is that this can take anywhere for 2 hours to 4 hours to get to the point of the game (probably with some aimless wandering in between).

Minor Spolers revealing one of the main aspects of Else Heart.Break(); below:

This digital city of Dorisburg is ... digital - its written in code. Whats more is you can edit this code, from cigarettes, to lamp posts to much more involved 'hacks'. Around the point of this reveal you will also join a underground hacker group, working in a secret hacker den - which I think is soo cool. This is the point the story really starts to pick up pace and excitement.
Living in this digital city leads to an incredible amount of freedom - mostly limited to how much time you spend learning the programming / hacking mechanic + your imagination. If this sounds exciting - being able to change things in the world, discover - mostly by yourself the secrets and relationships in the world - I would definitely give it a go.

One thing I think would have been interesting to have in the game, would be some kind of consequence or reflection on the meaning of being able to edit the world. What kind of world would you build if you could edit everything? should people be able to weild that much power?

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