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Jan 13 @ 7:31pm
In topic How to change resolution?
Guys as this is the first result on Google let me explain how to fix this, I will use 1440p as an example:

1. Open this file with a text editor (Notepad++ recommended):

%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Flashback\FlashbackGame\Config\FlashbackGame.ini

2. Find this line:


and add a line with your desired resolution below:


3. IMPORTANT! Find this other line:


and also add your desired resolution as below:


4. Go to the in game graphic options and your resolution will be at the end of the list (press/click right on 1920x1200). It will have a weird string with the number 19 as the label, it's OK; it will work

Note: For some reason the game is capped at 120fps. You CAN set your resolution to 4K (3840x2160) even with DSR but the framerate will be capped at 60fps (weird!).
Nov 20, 2017 @ 7:38pm
In topic Is there any in-game built-in benchmark tool?
Originally posted by Superjunk:
Originally posted by borandi:
This is a shame.

I'm glad you felt this comment added enough to a year old thread to justify resurrecting it.
It's truly a shame!

Joking aside you can use the Digital Foundry "run" which is getting on you horse and going to town (literally). You can use FRAPS (free tool) to record min/max/avg. FPS for the runs.
Nov 16, 2017 @ 12:37am
In topic Framerate cap 59 FPS - Constant judder
Wow what a disaster, good thing I have a G-Sync monitor ;)
Same here, I've tried a million things, it's related to Windows 10 for sure, on my Windows 7 machine the game works perfectly
Aug 11, 2017 @ 11:43am
In topic Samsung TV Steam Link Release!
Works like a charm!. remember to unplug the TV for 3 seconds in order for the app to detect your Steam PC! I would like to see 4K support but with 1080p already being 17ms display lag I'm not sure it would work very well, we'll see.
Jul 12, 2017 @ 2:56pm
In topic 1440p is available... in the config.ini file
According to PC Gaming Wiki the game renders internally by default at 1920x1440 but I've checked and the optimal resolution is 2560x1440, the game re-scales the image to the correct aspect ratio.
Nov 24, 2016 @ 10:14pm
So basically the "restart mission" option is like saying: "load my EARLIER save slot from when I started the last mission and wipe EVERYTHING I did after that". The wording is BAD, you're not restarting the mission but loading an earlier save and destroying your current save with all the progress you did after starting the latest mission.
I have the same specs as you. Bear in mind that for me 30fps is subpar, so that's out of the question. The good thing is that during "cutscenes" the framertate gets capped @ 30 for some reason, so you can get a more consistent experience.

For me the best experience is with this settings:

- 1440p
- Vsync off (I have a G-Sync monitor, but you should never turn it on anyway due to input lag)
- Upscaling ON (FORGET about turning upscaling off! you'll throw ~30fps out the window for a minimal image quality improvement, this game looks a little blurry no matter what you do)
- Antialiasing off (Upscaling already does 4xMSAA, but you gain about 5fps and the improvement is barely noticeable)
- Everything else maxed out

This way you get >50fps most of the time.

If you really want >60fps you can lower Volumetric Lighing from ULTRA to HIGH (~11fps gain) instead of disabling AA

TL;DR => Upscaling/ON + Volumetric Lighting/High = best quality/performance
Oct 15, 2016 @ 10:55pm
In topic Cards... it's a mess.
I read like 80% of your wall of text.

100% agree on everything:

1. Unlimited credits, so what's the point of even playing the alternate modes, no rewards at all
2. "Inventory full" error when you DON'T have all the cards.You can't even buy the overpriced gold packs
3. The only way to get missing foil cards is to sell 5 4-star cards and buy a pack again praying one of them will be a foil (it happened to me, once).

So, you can't collect all the cards even with unlimited credits, which is double fail on the developer's part.
Oct 15, 2016 @ 8:37pm
In topic which card pack to get?
OK guys, great thread I was about to sell duplicate cards until I read it.

I bought the 20 Year Celebration edition on launch and after beating the game I had >300k credits (including the 100k via the promotion for playing during the first week).

I have only bought Bronze packs and now I'm getting all 2 star cards or better and still have 160k credits left. So basically now Bronze packs are the same as Silver packs for 1/4 the price!

EDIT: 60k credits left and getting all 3 stars or better

These are the packs I'm getting now:

EDIT 2: I now have all the cards in the game except some black foils, it took less than 30 minutes. As already posted, if you already have all bronze and silver cards you can only get golden cards or better.

Once you sell 5 golden cards (1600 credits each) you're getting 3000 credits profit because Bronze Packs cost 5000 credits (1600 x 5 = 8000; 8000 - 5000 = 3000) and at this point you can get infinite packs. The rarity of the cards will rise automatically the more packs you buy, until you get an error after trying to buy another pack; that means you have ALL the cards (4 stars and lower).

Once you achieve this it gets tedious, because you need to sell 5 of your 4 star cards each time you want to buy a pack, and there's a change you will get the same 5 cards instead of a foil. Rinse and repeat. It looks like you CAN'T get a pack with all foils with a Bronze pack even if you have all the cards in the game up to 4 stars.
Originally posted by Nixxes_Official:
Steam overlay in DX12 is now enabled by default, you can still disable it in your Steam settings if desirable.

=> It's not working for me, I can't get the Steam overlay and what's worse I'm not getting any achievements unlocked! (20 Year Celebration edition Installed 12/10/16)

EDIT: I disabled Rivatuner Statistics Server OSD and the Steam Overlay now works and achievements are unlocking (7 achievements popped up when I loaded my 19% Savegame)
Jul 3, 2016 @ 7:32am
In topic ALT-TAB Does Bad Things
Your post title is spot on, exactly the same thing happened to me running the game on Windows 7 x64 SP1.

If I Alt-tab in this game, my computer slows down to the point that I can't move the mouse cursor and it evens disconnects me from the Internet. I had to reset the PC, tried Alt-tab again and the same thing happened.

It's definitely some kind of bug in this game.

TL;DR => don't use Alt-tab while running this game!
Originally posted by GreNdaL:
@Deep Silver

On Your FB page, you say "Get Dead Island Definitive Collection physically at retail, or as a digital bundle, and get Dead Island Retro Revenge for free!", however Definitive Collection is more expensive in Turkish Currency.

It's somewhat of a scam, here are the base prices:

DI = 19,99€
DI Riptide = 19,99€
Bundle price = 40,02€

Therefore WITHOUT loyalty discounts, you get Retro Revenge for 0,04€ => that's what they call "essentiallly for free"

If you have the loyalty discounts though, you get owned by paying 3,78€ for Retro Revenge:

DI = 3€
DI Riptide = 3€
Bundle Price = 9,78€
Jul 31, 2015 @ 5:05am
In topic Dark Void pc manual, anyone ?
Feb 19, 2015 @ 8:18am
In topic Prologue is not in the Story Mode!?
Yeah it's really weird, once I finished the story I made sure there wasn't any additional content left to play and lo and behold, there's something called "Prologue" in Free Play mode!

Edit: I just remembered reading somewhere that the "Prologue" is in fact the DEMO for the game. That's why it's so short and "action packed". That pretty much explains why it's not featured on story mode.

"FREE TRIAL – The “Prologue” sample section – a specifically designed introduction to the game; play in either single-player or two-player online co-operative mode."
Nov 25, 2014 @ 12:49am
In topic Restart option
I was also puzzled at the omission of a "restart level" option in the pause menu. This game is all about getting 5 stars and you die a lot if you're not an expert so restarting levels makes a lot of sense. Heck, having a "restart checkpoint" option would be even better for novices. And how about tracking how many stars you have gained/lost during a level?. It's annoying not knowing the treshold for losing stars.
Nov 4, 2014 @ 2:25am
It looks like Nvidia fixed this issue on a recent driver release. For the first time in the game's history, stutter is virtually non-existent. My in-game benchmark results are as follows (1080p, everything maxed, 4x MSAA, Vsync Off):

- DX11 off -> 69 FPS
- DX11 MAXED -> 64 FPS

Intel Core i5 760
Nvidia GTX 760 SC
Nov 3, 2014 @ 10:14pm
In topic FIXES: Graphic options and help/manual
So the Steam release for this game is a mess. For some reason Steam launches the game .exe directly and doesn't give the option to access the launcher and setup program. Furthermore options are not saved when you launch the setup manually through the launcher, so you have to configure everything every time you run the game...

- To acces the launcher and setup program:


..\Steam\steamapps\common\Nosferatu The Wrath of Malachi\start.exe


- Antialiasing doesn't seem to work, so it's better to force it on the graphics card control panel (the only option is 0x and 4x anyway so you can improve AA further).

- The game is DRM Free, so it doesn't need Steam running at all (in fact if you run it through Steam you will never get any graphic options applied).

- To fix settings not getting saved:

The problem is Steam doesn't create the relevant registry key for game settings when you install the game. To fix this, copy and paste this code on notepad and save it as a .reg file and finally double click the .reg file to add the key to the registry.

*** IMPORTANT: You still need to launch the game through the "Play" option on the launcher program (start.exe) for all the settings to get applied. If you launch the game directly from Steam it will not work. It's annoying but at least now the options get saved AND applied. ***

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Idol FX] [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Idol FX\Nosferatu] "Adapter"="0" "TextureQuality"="32" "TextureFiltering"="2" "AntiAlias"="4" "LevelGeometry"="2" "LevelTextures"="2" "ParticleDetail"="2" "SoundEnabled"="1" "Width"="1280" "Height"="960" "Depth"="32"

I have modified the options for max settings. You can verify that now the options get saved by running the Setup program and modifying them (easiest way is to change sound enabled/disabled).

By the way if you have a 32 bit OS I think you need to remove the "Wow6432Node" part from the code.


1. Create .reg and apply.

2. Always run the game through ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Nosferatu The Wrath of Malachi\start.exe
Jul 31, 2014 @ 9:01am
In topic It's not the same.
Wow this is flat out scamming people, they just took a huge dump on Colin's legacy by releasing this travesty. Really sad.
Jul 31, 2014 @ 8:58am
In topic Wait, what? WHAT???
For a moment I thought this was CMR 1 and that made me happy as it's the only game from the franchise I don't own...What's this turd?
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