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Leave a comment on my profile before you add me so I know you're not a bot. I have bots adding me every day so I tend to ignore a lot of friend requests.

I am the ExileLord on YouTube that makes the Guitar Hero songs and hacks.
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Not a bot; just wanting to add you as a friend for the sake of asking questions, and getting to know you better. Really do like your work on Clone Hero/GH3 and your sense of humor. :3
BlueMetal Oct 15 @ 7:05pm 
Not a bot, Exile is fat.
windatica (HELP) Oct 15 @ 6:22pm 
not a bot, just wondering if you know the real exilealt?
f|l|e|x|i|c Oct 13 @ 10:22pm 
not a bot, just want to be mates with s4 creator
Lunar trade.tf Oct 13 @ 11:01am 
I am not a bot i just want to have exilelord as a friend and I love your clonehero stuff
Frog of Departure Oct 11 @ 8:30pm 
Hi, not a bot. I really like your reverse engineering videos and have some questions