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im gonna shit on ur dick
i had a jade plant my mom bought me, and i decided to place it on my desk. i don't remember how it started but eventually i just started coating this fucking thing in tablespoons upon tablespoons of cum. initially I was just curious to see if it would be good for the plant, and I didn't want to use tissues, so I kept cumming on it. collectively i must have blasted at least a cup or two of cum all over this thing. I started to get really into it and talked dirty to the plant as I came on it, calling it a little leafy bitch and other choice words.

to my amazement, the plant actually got greener and healthier, and was growing very rapidly. eventually the jade started to grow a second one in the pot and I realized that i was a fucking father. it felt too weird to keep cumming on the jade because my plant daughter was right next to it and there'd be no way to stop my plant child from being drowned in cum

anyway i kind of miss it, orgasms were much more powerful edit: also my mom ate a leaf from the cum plant so my mom basically ate my cum
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Ur all major fucking virgins
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im pee in ur ♥♥♥ tbh