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Early Access Review
My wife and I backed this game a long, long time ago as it looked like it had a lot of promise.

We fired it up a few days ago to see what it was like and neither of us were able to enjoy ourselves. It looks cutesy, but it just doesn't play in an engaging or fun way. Movement feels very jerky, you can't accidentally click anywhere without destroying something (and we both have serious OCD, so that would be a problem) and the 'story' was completely not interesting or clear in any way, shape or form.

(We had to go seriously out of our way to even complete it with two people..)

It's safe to say it's nothing like we imagined. At this point it's just a minecraft clone with slightly different mechanics. I am sure it could be fun but it needs a ton of work on UI and Gameplay to get there. Would definitely not recommend at this point unless you totally love this sort of game. Both of us feel like our money was wasted - doesn't live up to expectations and we simply don't enjoy it even a little bit.
Posted April 22, 2017.
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I remember when this game was first out, I really didn't like it. Recently, I was gifted The Witcher 3 and figured I should really play through all of them. I've now finished the first and I have to say I loved it. The story is great and the way it is told is incredibly immersive.

That said, the game is not without some flaws: A lot of back-tracking, a lot of quests locked in day/night cycles and the combat isn't exactly anything to write home about. (If anything, that is the dullest part of the game.)

That all said, I would still recommend the game to anyone who loves a good RPG. It's simply worth playing through for the story and consequences of your decisions alone. Play it, you won't regret it.
Posted December 11, 2016.
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This game used to be great. In fact, I met my wife there. Unfortunately, the developers are incredibly stubborn and don't listen to their community outside Russia and have since made decisions that completely wreck the gameplay the game once had. One of the biggest missed opportunities in gaming history - this game could have been enormous.
Posted November 25, 2016.
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Some people will like this. I do not. It simply doesn't fit the atmosphere of the game whatsoever and I wish they would focus more on historic music that fits the theme and drop the metal madness that seems to occur in all the grand strategy titles now. They also all need to be tagged in their title with metal so we stop buying them accidentally.
Posted October 23, 2016.
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Decent gameplay, but poor progression system and little to no incentive to keep playing - it didn't keep me interested for very long. I also really don't like some of the ship designs, which is an important part of games like this.
Posted October 13, 2016.
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I'm glad this was free for a while, as it's absolutely awful. I own almost all DLC for EU4, with the exception of the metal music ones (I got burned on one of those, just dreadful..) and this one is just... no. I play in a decently sized multiplayer group every week and there are complaints everytime someone triggers a song from this dlc. Ultimately we just all end up disabling it. Avoid!
Posted September 5, 2016.
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Update - April 16th, 2017:
The game has improved enormously, and whilst some of its original flaws are still present, enough changes have been made to change my review to a cautious recommendation. It's still not for everyone, but with the addition of Utopia (which I would consider a must-have at this particular moment in time) the game is very enjoyable.

The new faction system is a big improvement and the rework of government, ethics, addition of civics and ascension perks just make for a far more rounded game.

If you are still unsure or a cautious buyer, wait one or two expansions further, otherwise if the game is on sale it is at this point worth picking up.

Old Review:

Stellaris could and should have been my absolute number one favourite game of all time.

It combines the concept of Paradox Grand Strategy with my absolute favourite genre, how could you not love this? Unfortunately the actual game falls flat. After the initial novelty wears off, there's nothing new to discover and exploration becomes a mundane and tedious chore.

The tech tree is incredibly shallow and extremely predictable, which leads to every single race feeling the same. There are game which came out a long time ago which have deeper tech trees and this is a hugely missed opportunity.

The worst part perhaps is that the game completely lacks any incentive in multiplayer to go to war with one another, due to the way war mechanics work and wars become an all-or-nothing thing. EU4 handles this in a much, much more enjoyable manner and the fact we can't go to war in Stellaris over a single system completely ruins everything.

The mid and late game need an enormous amount of work. I can't help but think that the game simply wasn't finish or that they've build a framework to expand on - but I personally don't feel like beta testing a game for Paradox. I know they will eventually turn this game into something that's probably going to be incredibly enjoyable, but for me they really dropped the ball on Stellaris. It's not anywhere near as fun as it could and should have been and it needs a lot of work to get it to a place that would make us want to play it again in our regular multiplayer group. For now, we will stick to EU4.
Posted August 13, 2016. Last edited April 16, 2017.
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Whilst the core game is extremely good, I'm not a massive fan of the direction they've taken the game in. Perhaps an unpopular opinion as clearly there is a huge segment of the player base who love the "Long War" mod and studio, I personally do not. I simply do not share their vision for the game or the way they prefer to play XCOM, and unfortunately XCOM 2 entirely caters for this audience.

I've finished XCOM 1 several times and played the originals to death, but I've only gone through about 33% of this one and I find myself mostly frustrated or with the feeling that I'm missing something.

And then I realise that I spend more time looking in the workshop how to fix things I don't agree with, than actually playing the game.

So, whilst this is in essence quite a good core game, it has a ton of bugs with performance, line of sight and other issues and suffers horribly from the input and influence of the Long War team. As such, I would not recommend it - as XCOM 1 gives a more enjoyable experience.
Posted August 13, 2016.
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This is one of the worst pieces of DLC I have ever purchased for the a game. This alone makes the reinforcement pack (or whatever the pack with all dlc is called) feel like a totally worthless purchase. I feel ripped off. This doesn't fit into the game at all. If I could refund, I would.

After the fantastic DLC's of XCOM1, this is a HUGE letdown. Don't buy this.
Posted April 30, 2016.
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This is the most enjoyable city builder I've played since Sim City 1. The way in which assets and mods are handled only makes the game better: you can essentially customize it entirely to your own liking.

Progession feels steady enough to keep me interested throughout the life span of a city and I've so far spend 50 hours in the game as time absolutely flies. One moment you're redesigning an intersection in your city at 7pm in the evening, the next moment it's 1am.

Simply put a fantastic game. If you like city builders, you can't afford to give this a miss.
Posted February 28, 2016.
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