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Well if you are here looking at my profile I guess it's for something right?
Anyways, hello.
P.S. Have a wonderful day. :huntbounty:
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BurntOutBulb Nov 6 @ 2:40am 
I'm sorry I never had a chance to give y'all guys them kisses for the homies But your bomb lance friend gave me a big ol' panic ;n;
Eve Jul 22 @ 3:17pm 
Thank you!
Ada-1's Personal USB Port Jul 21 @ 1:44pm 
+rep got me brick'd up as Schoolgirl Spirit
In2itive1 Jul 21 @ 10:25am 
+Rep in Dead by Daylight! Love the Spirit! Thanks for an amazing match! Hope to run into you again for another round! :sacrificed:
BobaCowboy! Jun 13 @ 6:42pm 
Smelly af
Sato 🧡 Apr 30 @ 11:47am