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I literally beat this game. I'm not exaggerating. I reached rank 13 in TDM queue. I attained it with a really high winrate. Upon reaching rank 13 in TDM, I queued up another game, I sat and I waited. I bided my time, waiting for the queue to pop. After sitting there for 2 hours, I proceeded to contact the community through their official discord. The developers had found that I was too skilled for other players. In their glory and grace they dubbed me the best. Rank 13 meant that I officially was too hecking good to queue with filthy lowbies. Seeing as I work nightshift and cannot play in prime hours as they had suggested, I am cursed with being the first man to complete a speedrun of Splitgate: Arena Warfare. In this state I am confined to the walls of custom game modes only. I can only find games through the server browser, and I can never hope to attain the greatness that is rank 14+. Thank you for listening to my harrowing story. Splitgate is cool, being able to queue when I'm able to, is cooler. 7/10 Fun game, with a tragic ending that seemed too short.
Gaara Jul 18 @ 10:33pm 
-rep dont let the acc fool you they are hacking
『V』Slash™ Jul 13 @ 12:53am 
『V』Slash™ Jul 13 @ 12:53am 
are you ♥♥♥♥ing kidding me. i win 80 matches IN A ROW. i lose 3. i derank.
cheese chan May 20 @ 1:23am 
ive got the horses in the back
✪ ultix_ Apr 23 @ 8:49pm 
lmao how does it feel to suck eat a derank
nrump Jan 27 @ 1:04pm 
♥♥♥♥♥ boy