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Hiya! I'm Etmer.
:phoenixorb: Unless we've met somewhere else (or I recognize you), please leave behind a comment before you add me! Otherwise I will not accept the friend request to avoid phishing from hacked accounts.

:note: If you are here for animating inquiries/commissions, please contact me through
:8bitheart: If you're here because you're a fan of my work (yay~!) then join my group instead of adding, it helps keep things organized (and you can contact me there!). Thanks!

:csgox: I tend to be busy with work or school, or distracted with hanging out or being in my own head. Don't take it the wrong way if I don't respond to messages right away!

:offspring: I'm a 22 year old, simple-minded, sensitive ADHD dork who deeply loves my friends. I'm also an aspiring 3D Animator! I'm currently working part-time while doing animation school, so I've been quite busy. I'm also practicing drawing and getting more into 3D modeling.

:offspring: There's many games that have inspired me to animate (such as TES, GW2, etc) but I usually only play Warframe, Tower Unite and VRChat these days. I generally have a strong preference for COOP games. My goal is to begin animating for indie games before moving on into more popular titles or into film.

:offspring: Although I don't really animate in SFM anymore, my most popular work were the TF2 shorts Zero to Hero and Jewel Escapade which was nominated for Best Action 2016.

:yawning_creep: I'm pretty shy so I don't usually initiate conversations, but I don't mind at all when people come up to talk!

:togsmile: Feel free to add me! I enjoy making new friends, just know that as mentioned before I tend to be busy or distracted quite often so I tend not to respond to messages right away. Again, please remember to leave behind a comment before adding me to phish out the bots. Thanks for reading!

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its niko timeeeee :WhiteWolfInterset:
Crazyhalo Aug 1 @ 7:30pm 
Hey you may or may not remember me, you took part in the original Rave Fortress Collab, I wanted to talk to you about something if you got the chance
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meme cat Jun 11 @ 11:58pm 
meme cat Jun 11 @ 11:58pm