I like making things
-Please write in comments the reason for adding me, otherwise I will decline any friend requests.
-No I don't sell any of my halloween paints or heavy items.
-I like level design, drawing, modeling, and creating new worlds, for the games I love the most.

I hope my creations have an impact on you (Hopefully positive!) Thanks for checking my profile out, and my creations. :fish:
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The top of the holy grail for horror survival games for me. Top notch sound design, amazing environments, ambiance, horror and more.

Even after all these years, I am constantly pulled back to this single game, almost feel at home when I am on the Ishimura.

Graphically, the game has done a great job at hiding its age, through well placed shadows, lighting and fog, and holds up great to this day.

Gameplay wise, it scratches an itch that just feels really good, every time you cut a limb off a Necromorph, or stomp them, there just isn't quite anything so satisfying as it. And the adrenaline rush of running away from hordes of them, or taking them all on with what you got is always thrilling.

Puts chills through your spine with some quite superb sound design, from metal pipes clanging in the hallways, to muffled cries.

And lastly, the pure feeling of dread/horror as you traverse the entire ship all alone, for most of the time.

I can't recommend this game enough, and hope one day we will get something just as amazing as this.
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For future reference to anyone out there, My heavy items, and halloween paint items are not for sale.
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You kicked people on the team for being "afk". They were not afk. When I called you out for it, you called a votekick on me,and you tell me to cry? Pathetic.
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Cry more baby :cleancake:
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