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First of all Counter Strike:Global Offensive is an Multiplayer First Person Shooting game.
it needs cooperation and communication, in order to win.
Use mic (k) to communicate and report your status
you can also use chat (y) or (t) to tell them your status
Use your gamesense/instincs to know your enemies weapon
if you win you'll gain cash, if you kill you'll gain cash, if you plant you'll gain cash
but if you die... say goodbye to your weapon, grenades, and armors.

CSGO is a great game! Tactics and Strategy mix together in order to win the game
whether you play solo or with your friends it still fun. Communication, hand and eye coordination, gamescenes, map knowledge and good aiming.

High DPI Mouse = easy to turn/low accuracy
Low DPI Mouse = Slow moving/High Accuracy
Jumping/bunny hop = 60% Untargetable/10% Accuracy
Crouching = 90% Accuracy/Prone to Headshot
Walking = Stealthy/Slow/80% Accuracy

BUY IT NOW! And Play the Game! its great! if you love FPS Games

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