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Strong story driven "stealth" game. Different mechanics give you multiple ways to approach each situation. The introduction of other characters is interesting and adds depth to both gameplay and the story.

Strongly recommend, but keep in mind the game only takes ~10 hours to complete.
Posted July 2, 2021.
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Having played through all the DS series I must say I did not enjoy Sekiro. For reference I played up to Owl and simply stopped having any enjoyment of the game.

There are definitely some interesting aspects and the aesthetic is interesting but I found myself:

Looking at wiki constantly to figure out where to go and what order I needed to kill bosses in (since killing bosses increases your damage). DS can be disjointed, Sekiro barely makes sense.

Upset that the game was essentially "Hey parry constantly and try to find openings to swing once and wait" in DS I enjoy using heavy weapons. In Sekiro the closest I could get was hitting with Double Ichimonji.

If you enjoy challenging games you might enjoy this. Just keep in mind the fight loop is very similar across all bosses and mini bosses.
Posted July 2, 2021.
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Horror game with varied mechanics, interesting gameplay and a decent story. It's a bit odd at points, but I found myself enjoying the playthrough.
Posted June 26, 2021.
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This game is a puzzle solving 'walking simulator' in the sci-fi horror genre. Gameplay is isometric, all operations done via mouse.


* The atmosphere is well done, isometric presentation really lets the devs be creative in environment design
* The VA for the protagonist is pretty damn good for a lower budget title
* Puzzles are decent, at a certain point you'll likely need to use a guide though, because some are not very straightforward. But it's nowhere near the tedium of some point and click titles, 1977 KGB, the guest, etc.
* Overall the game is fun, and story does not stretch on too long, though much background is conveyed through text.


* Plot isn't that great, but isn't bad for a horror title. I won't talk much about it to not spoil anything but don't expect some crazy thriller twists.
* Female VA sounded like she had bad sound balancing or something at beginning
* Some regions need to be saved at certain times or it will cause you to replay cutscenes/unskippable dialogue while you try to figure out puzzles.

Overall, I'd reccomend the game (when it's on sale) if you like horror/point & click titles. It's no SOMA, but it's not bad.
Posted August 11, 2018.
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Gameplay is comparable to Amnesia Dark Descent. Storyline is told through notes and some some text from narrator.

Overall I'd say the story is 6/10 because it got pretty loose at the end.

Gameplay is a 7/10 for horror game wise, motion is smooth though I found myself getting caught on some things while running. Has an added mechanic at a certain point that was interesting.

As far as spooky atmosphere and whatnot the first half is a solid 8/10. No real reliance on jumpscares through very good tone setting.

Definitely pick this up on sale if you like horror games.

Posted May 6, 2017.
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Quality horror game. Reminds me a bit of one of my favorites Miasmata.

Couple things about the game:

* Navigation is challenging, not overly so, but you'll find yourself in places you don't expect. Personally, I found this interesting since most areas loop and "try" to direct you correctly, but the gameplay is definitely non-linear.

* The things that can kill you are easy to evade in general, the game is not particurarly challenging in that regard, which IMO is correct for a horror game that is story driven.

* Plot is well rounded, the ending could be considered a bit speculative.

* The ambiance and "spookiness" of the environement is very well done. Little reliance on jump scares by establishing an overarching sense of dread.

* Quality of the voice acting is high.

IMO if you like games like Miasmata, Penumbra, Amnesia, SOMA you should like Kholat. So long as the navigation is not a turn off.

Gameplay time is around ~3-4 for completion. Full completion w/o a guide would probably take a while. Note that full completion (finding all notes) is possible due to hints ingame.
Posted October 29, 2016. Last edited October 29, 2016.
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5.4 hrs on record

- Gameplay is interesting enough to make you want to finish the game.
- Boss fights have varying mechanics which actually require some thought
- Game is visually striking in artstyle. Dev has done a good job compensating for lower modeling and graphics.
- Decent playtime of around 6hr


-Combat can be dull for normal enemies and controls can be a bit wonky at times.
-Story can be a bit hard to follow and the objective hint is not always helpful, though I find it rather refreshing to have a game that doesn't just put checkpoint arrows everywhere you need to be. Pacing your gameplay can leave you wandering around wondering where you left off however.

Dev set out to make an indie Dark Souls-esque and Malebogia accomplishes that goal. I'd reccomend picking up on a sale.
Posted December 28, 2015. Last edited December 28, 2015.
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5.8 hrs on record
Even with the bugs from hell I still highly recommend playing this game. If you're someone that needs to 100% games though, you may be wary.


* Story line is great, still unique and interesting

* Addresses things that games barely do anymore and gives tangible character development

* Graphics aged well. For a game released in '95 the graphics are quite tolerable and don't detract from the experience

* Full voice acting (even the story author is a voice actor)


* I believe that the six person in AM's hell is the player, because the Bugs in the game are near intolerable at certain places. Several areas have game breaking/story stopping bugs which require reloads, and I found one that can cause a potential full backtrack if you overwrite saves(don't overwrite saves).

* Since there are so many bugs the game is hard to complete w/o a walkthrough which takes a bit of the fun out of it.
Posted March 1, 2015.
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Seems like a decent game but sadly the port is so bad the game is near unplayable. Keyboard controls are beyond tedious, and lead to countless fall deaths, etc and game does not support controllers. Not worth the time or money.
Posted December 9, 2014.
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Betrayer is a great game comparable to the open world of Miasmata with the Stealth gameplay of original Splinter Cell games. Mind you both games are better than Betrayer in that regard. Miasmata with a better storyline Splinter cell with more threshed combat. Here's a pros and cons list of the game in general.


Stealth gameplay is interesting and rather challenging which actually motivates you to try, as opposed to many survival games where combat is simply a cakewalk

Combat is challenging and becomes increasingly more challenging throughout, and makes you think very quickly on your feet

Storyline is interesting though requires attention to detail to follow

Atmosphere is very impressive and artstyle is original and enjoyable


Storyline seems somewhat disconnected at places which can make it less compelling overall

Combat can get repetitive late in the game. From early to mid game the combat does not seem repetitive.
Posted June 25, 2014. Last edited October 3, 2014.
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