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i think this looks better than red and gold
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A scenario of earth at the present time. Take command of a modern nation and lead it to glory, or destruction. Will you awe the globe with your culture, indulge your bloodlust and conquer an empire, or leave it all behind as you colonize other worlds? Or w
Created by - Stephen
estd94artworks Jun 10 @ 11:19pm 
have started making artworks again!! dm for orders!!!
BennyS May 21 @ 3:32am 
+REP Epic man
$PR4Y Mar 6 @ 10:54pm 
nice design
♡DusTy.L.G2a Jan 26 @ 11:12am 
honest and pro artwork omg i love him <3333
Aman kumar Jan 24 @ 9:31pm 
veeeeerrrryyyy naice
jонаииə (trader acc) Jan 20 @ 11:15pm 
:rep2: good job man... this guy really highly recommended... only few people like this guy
he got his hardwork and you can trust this guy so much... my pleasure to deal with this guy
so much talent on you mate... i adore your works and personality... godbless and take care