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Come on! Rock me Frederic!

Complete level - Austria

Show must go on!

Complete level - UK

Conquest of (the tax) paradise

Complete level - Greece


Complete level - Argentina

I’m bad!

Complete level - USA

Death Metal ABBA!

Complete level - Sweden

Karo chan!

Complete level - Mongolia

I’ll be back!

Complete level - Russia

Ma-ma-mantis face!

Complete level – Poland

The greatest musical battle of all time out of any music game ever released in the world!

Comlete the final level

Minor master of the piano

Complete the game on Easy level

Master of the piano

Complete the game on Normal level

Major master of the piano

Complete the game on Hard level


Complete the game on Chopin level

I can’t watch it!

Complete the game skipping all the cut-scenes

You have no power here!

Complete the game without using super attacks


Don't hit any note in one level


Complete any level while getting only perfect notes