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Hello, and welcome to my profile. Please comment before you add me, or you will be ignored.

:louie: My name is Business Sloth and I, among other things, enjoy trading items in Team Fortress 2.

:huey: I enjoy all the classes in TF2, I hardly play the actual game anymore but my favorites are spy, medic, and soldier.

:dewey: My favorite games include TF2, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne, Dishonored 1/2, and more I won't list here.

:scrooge: I'm the #1 collector of Bat Effect Misc items! If you've got any for sale that I don't already have, add me! 8 triple bat sets completed and counting.

As of 6/22/2018 I'm #10 on! I usually shift between 12-10 as values fluctuate.

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They say every journey comes to an end... This is mine. Special thanks to mammoth for helping out along the way. Burning TC!!
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My Bat Set - By Caek
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YourLittleAngel Jan 16 @ 2:28pm 
stop bein a p00sy Niilyx
Hey look, I found your item, and guess what, it's not with me, but a scammer. Let this be a warning to those reading my profile. Impersonators are active and very willing to steal your items, don't be like this guy in the comments and read my profile before you trust somebody with my name. It took me all of five seconds to find the account that scammed the guy. Use your tools and grow some brain cells, people.

Niilyx Jan 16 @ 1:16pm 
omfg dude YOU scammed me with that hijacking thingy. I hate you
Business Sloth - Impersonated Jan 16 @ 12:41pm 
If you read the comment you would know you had an impersonator of me added, mammoth even added you to try and help. Sorry you got scammed, but there's nothing more we couldve done.
Niilyx Jan 16 @ 12:13pm 
He scammed me
Mamoot Jan 15 @ 12:54pm 
hey uhh guy that just commented you seem to have an impersonator added