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In topic Trading cards... Where is it?
Originally posted by Ryuu:
you can't
Well that depends, he may hit all the conditions for a refund.
Originally posted by Just Some Guy:
Originally posted by The Hat:

There is no emulator yet. Just rumors and speculation. Some of them very interesting.
There's the 360 emulator, xenia, which is unnofficial but works for some games. Very early in development.

And some of them work very well, but unfortunately Fable 2 is not one of them.
Jun 8 @ 3:21pm
In topic Censorship?
Originally posted by kavinh:
>uncensoring would bring more risk to the investment

> The uncensoring of an already censored port would probably take more time/money since they would have to reverse changes already made.

that argument falls apart when them and the company they outsourced to are the ones localizing and porting it to begin with. They aren't uncensoring a game, they're the ones who made the decision to censored it from the jp build to begin with at the very least with the agarest series, Mugen souls might not entirely be their fault cause there's rumors NIS had a large role in it.

I said that under the assumption they ported the American console ports to PC, that were already censored years before the PC port was worked on by another dev/publisher completely unrelated to Ghostlight.

Originally posted by kavinh:
Licensing being expensive shouldn't be a defense at all

But it is a defense, will a niche title sell enough to warrant, the probably very expensive, Japanese dub? A company should take risks, but risks grounded in reality and not wishful thinking.

Do bear in mind that I'm ♥♥♥♥♥♥ the game didn't have a Japanese Dub(The english one is unbearable) and that from what modders claim, the way the PC port was setup makes replacing audio files with the Japanese one not feasible because the PC Port audio files are too different from the english console version, so applying the console undub would take humongous time and effort. Why? If they couldn't get hold of the license at least they could have made it easier for modders to do their thing.

Originally posted by kavinh:
they're literally selling an inferior product because they want to save on costs

You're forgetting that the Japanese Voice Actors/VA company might not allow the use of their work, or may place a ludicrous price-tag on it.
The console port of Lost Dimension also lacks a Japanese Dub, probably because of impossibility of licensing the VA.
If you take a look many Japanese ports lack Voiced tracks because the VA companies deny overseas licensing, sometimes money is not even the problem.

Originally posted by kavinh:
idk if giving them the benefit of the doubt even worth anything i just hope they don't remove dlc again like with the agarest series.

Well, we might have to wait and see, instead of buying on day one, we wait for user reviews and feedback and act accordingly. I think Ghostlight is aware of their current reputation, at least I wish they are, and that they're working on improving in the future.

At least from what it seems, Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God seems to be a good port, with no cut content and improved graphics over the Vita version.

I can't remember which dungeon I was in but I lost all my item progression two times in a row, I felt like smashing the controller on the TV.

Ha good times.
Jun 8 @ 1:16am
In topic Only one life?
Originally posted by kavinh:
the only thing you keep are spells you learn/equipment if kuu isn't downed if u die.

the game has a weird difficulty curve if you get some good gear it's relatively easy to steam roll but rebuilding from scratch is a pain.

i've had to run the third map 4 times cause i accidently ate a curry bomb blew myself up and took a sword from npc merchant without paying.

The bad RNG in this game's really exaggerated imo, you have plenty of scroll you can pickup to status if not outright kill destroy monster room which seem to be the most likely to wipe.

the only big issue with rng in this game is equipment drops since it's so tedious to equip and appraise items to know if you have anything good and knowing what items harms and heals kuu since feeding him is practically mandatory if u wanna survive.

Yes the biggest problem with this game is inventory management, you can only carry like 25 items(not sure/too lazy to check right now) and that includes 2 equipped items.

At some point you get some really strong items from crafting, but if you have a stroke of bad luck and die and if you lose those items, starting from scratch is a pain.

Still, you have access to the unlocked chapters and dungeons and everything.
Jun 8 @ 1:09am
In topic Censorship?
Well the track record isn't great, but they made a compromise to be better and let me be the devil's advocate, I'm sure they learned from the Lost Dimension Dub backlash.

Still, I wonder, the past releases troubles are there probably because they licensed the ports from the American console ports license holders, all the consoles releases were the same weren't they?
Did Ghostlight have a chance to bargain and bring uncensored ports?
Yes, but let's take a look at the past, it was a gamble for what seems such a small company to invest in these ports, that fortunately was successful, uncensoring would bring more risk to the investment, also Japanese ports were non-existent before Agarest, and as such:

1. The uncensoring of an already censored port would probably take more time/money since they would have to reverse changes already made.

2. Fear of being denied the release on Steam would make another barrier to uncensor, they played it safe.

3. Licensing would probably be more expensive, at least in the case of Lost Dimension, because the American License holder didn't have the license for the Japanese dub that would be much more expensive due to royalties and such(I will not pretend to have any insight on this matter), but Voice Acting being such a big thing in Japan I bet licensing the Japanese dub isn't that cheap.

With that said, I was VERY disappointed in the lack of Japanese dub for Lost Dimension and the mishandling of censorship for Mugen Souls.

Still, let's give them the benefit of the doubt and see if future ports are handled with more care in regards to censorship/content and dubs, I'm sure they will.
I happened to come across a difficulty spike once, where I was swarmed, a monster disarmed me and then the rest killed me in two turns.

Making me lose all item progression, which is huge part of the progression you do in this game.

Love roguelikes xD
Now, just port the entire vita library please.
Still, while I'm enjoying to play this on my PC very much, I can see this being more fun on a portable device like the Vita.
Jun 6 @ 3:53am
In topic Censorship?
Originally posted by TysonL:
Originally posted by Remilnelia™:
There's literally nothing to censor in the game, anyway. It's not like this has any focal point on sexualization, except for maybe one NPC(you all know who i'm referring to).

no sexualization? eh not my kind of game then

It's a light hearted dungeon crawler than can be unforgiving without giving a ♥♥♥♥, and you can lose almost all your progression if you do a few mistakes.
With that said, not all games need to be ecchi or highly sexualized, as someone whos perv/lewd I'm glad there's options, sometimes I like to play something fun and tame.
Jun 1 @ 3:58pm
Originally posted by Tokyo Warfare Project:

Fixed turret tanks display an X over crosshair instead of hiding crosshair when looking out of cannon range.

In MP Ai respawn was glitched since last update
In MP CH tanks would not respawn.

This version merges Windows Store and Steam versions into a single branch so many files have been recompressed or slightly modified and that is the reason why the update is heavyer than ussual bugfix patch.

This build is crossplatform compatible with UWP and other future platforms, if any

Awesome, thank you!
Originally posted by Zukureneno:
Originally posted by TheHellMessenger:
GOG version would be the one with all the things we have shown in the video, and that would automatically give it AO rating. Plus we could include all the updates, which we are making right now for the Steam version. If GOG says yes, we will think about more details. Tomorrow we should know far more than we do right now.

When it comes to blood, there are no limits to the amount of it. We could cover everything in red blood if we want. We just don't... unless that's what our community wants us to do...

Take care,
The Hell Messenger

what about body parts dissapearing instantly? (Its notticable when you pick up the first torch and also when you do the checkpoint)

Can anything be done about that like either melting, burning or staying there for a bit longer, cause right now they just poof by magic in front of your eyes

I'd say that's a technical limitation, your solution for "Can anything be done about that like either melting, burning " is a great one.
Originally posted by Raven:
I'd say that the biggest mistake here was overhyping the game's adult content. Because I finished and really, there's not that much about it. There is gore, but there is gore in lot's of games, that's nothing new. As of the sexual themes, they are there, but nothing as graphic as the dev's statements would lead you to believe.

In fact I think it's quite tame in that regard.

Still, censor or no censor, that should be the least of your concerns.

If the devs came now and said "HEY GUYS, WE ADDED THE UNCENSORED ENDING AND CONTENT TO THE GAME, GO NUTS!" I would just not bother to go through that literal hell of gameplay just to see some uncensored content, it's just not worth it.

They should fix the gameplay first, then I'll keep complaining about how tame it is, lol.

You're right of course, but that doesn't make them lying less wrong.
May 30 @ 11:46am
In topic Censorship announcement
Originally posted by Gromit:
Originally posted by Geneviève de Tourraine:
And surprise, surprise ... it's a Polish girl.
Are u kidding me ?!

Why is that an issue?
May 30 @ 11:29am
In topic Censorship announcement
Originally posted by danygia:

No more cut content video will come, we all have to wait a streamer that won the box contest !

Does she have a twitch channel or a youtube channel, I'd like to see regarthless.
Originally posted by Gummi:
The devs have been banning people for legitimate posts. Wow.


Shameful. Another Dirty Dev.
Originally posted by WOLFFLOWRED:
this game is amazeing btw and they had their resons for the censor good enough at that

Regartheless I still feel betrayed, Hope everyone else enjoys it.
As for me, I'm going to wait and see.
Originally posted by Sweet-Sophie:
Originally posted by danygia:
♥♥♥♥ing censors ♥♥♥♥, they ruined a potentially good game. It's the idea of ​​playing something castrated that makes me feel sick. A censored version can't be defined satisfactory if a disturbing and explicit product is expected.
Two midly censored endings, purple blood at one point (have you ever been to hell? maybe the bleed purple there, we don't know ;) ) and tonned-down v*ginas. Ohhh the v*ginas! Every male gamer cries in a corner now because the p*ssy is nowhere to be seen in this game. It is the end of the world. The epidome of failure in game development. V*ginas.

Maybe try to meet a girl in real life for a change?

I think you're assuming we want to be satisfied by our videogames because we are incels, you assume wrong, at least I'm speaking for myself.

I'm a sucker for unrated content on movies, I love graphical violence and explicit themes, I'm not underage, I can choose what media is proper for me to consume.

I condone the devs for promising and not delivering, other than that it is their game, they can do whatever they want, I'm just disappointed and won't be spending my money on something that is not what I was looking forward to.

It's just frustrating when someone like me, who enjoys explicit content sees it getting harder and harder to find these days, like I already said on a previous post:

Political Correcteness runs rampant in todays society, and yes it bothers me and while I don't actively lobby for it, that doesn't mean I'm going to cave in and support media that caves in to or are part of the current PC politics.
Originally posted by (B.O.) Supreme Leader Trump:
Originally posted by Poljanan:
just cuddling

Seems gaaaaaay.

Another thing to fix.

Or perhaps that was their artistic vision some kind of "gentle after all". Dunno will see, don't want to spoil.

Some of other endings are more brutal, right?

The Devs could benefit from watching Devilman Crybaby for some ideas.
Originally posted by Tracido:
Originally posted by Erxkum:

Right, this wasn't censored by anyone but the devs themselves, to sell on the babby console market. The problem is, Kickstarters were promised a patch that changes that, and nothing has to be removed, they can sell it UNRATED here.

They made a contract with Sony & Microsoft, man this is getting exhausting..

They had promised Kickstarters to give the PC people that UNCUT version and renigged.

Again, I don't understand why don't they make an adult patch and distribute it un-officially.
Originally posted by danygia:
♥♥♥♥ing censors ♥♥♥♥, they ruined a potentially good game. It's the idea of ​​playing something castrated that makes me feel sick. A censored version can't be defined satisfactory if a disturbing and explicit product is expected.

It's not really the censors, it's the paradigm of current western society, I don't understand how we are not allowed to see overly muscled man, explicit violence, blood, gore, nudity and explicit scenes anymore.

I mean in the 80s, 90s it was way more acceptable, or at least backlash would be meaningless, I'm talking about series like Hokuto no Ken, Perfect blue, wicked city, original saint seiya, devilman, violence jack, ad police, golden boy, ninja scroll; these are all japanese animation that you don't see anymore, back in the day they were marketed as great because of the violence, gore, excplicit content(Nudity, sex, even explicit visual ♥♥♥♥), just look at old adverts from manga entertainment:

Tell me honestly, do think an advert like that would be ok in todays paradigm?

Now lets take a look at more western media of the 80s, 90s.

Mainstream movies featured Blood, gore and nudity with little issue, like American Psycho, Basic Instinct, Alien, Predator, Pulp Fiction, robocop(uncut), Starship Soldiers, Crash, Total Recall(or most schwarzenegger movies), The Fifth Element, American Beauty, Hackers, etc.

Movies like Clockwork orange would have a hard time if it released today, with ♥♥♥♥ scenes and all.

I must be getting old, I miss the deluge of media with explicit content from the 90s.
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