Veikka Laine   Southern Finland, Finland
Sweet lovely death
I am waiting for your breath
Come sweet death, one last caress

Well, you woke up this morning
Got yourself a gun
Your mama always said you'd be the chosen one
She said, you're one in a million, you've got to burn to shine
But you were born under a bad sign with a blue moon in your eyes
And you woke up this morning
All that love had gone
Your papa never told you about right and wrong
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Λ | Caesar Jan 13 @ 6:29am 
It was an honor to win to you
Treadz Dec 25, 2018 @ 10:58pm 
GCS2 Champ! <3
Treadz Dec 25, 2018 @ 10:58pm 
CoH2 Pro! <3
Shepard Dec 21, 2018 @ 6:28am 
it was an honor to loose :D
Orgasmos bombarderos Dec 12, 2018 @ 4:51pm 
It was an honour to loose to you
innocent Dec 9, 2018 @ 5:18am 

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+rep i want sex with you
+rep i love you!
+rep very helpful teammate
+rep good leader
+rep amazing teammate
+rep go me boost rank :D
+rep funny
+Rep saved our match
+rep thx for game
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+rep killing machine *-*
+rep best aimer
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+rep insane skills :D