Moderator of the NeonHeights servers.

Got to whip these medics into shape!

In trading: Go pure, or go home.

Sit down ChuckleFuck.

Hey everybody I am pretty sure no one is ever going to read this so... yeah. I mainly like to play TF2 and Gmod (My 2 favorite games) because they are AWESOME. I tend to play music for people on servers so if you want to listen... give me a shout and I will be there in a few seconds. I don't know what else to say except that I am a furry (I am not insane about it- I won't go shoving crap down you guys' throats) so feel free to tease me. I will mess around with my buddies and go on the same server over and over again. If I am bored I will join someone's game right off my friends list so... don't think I am a stalker (I do tend to join the same people though :P). Please do not randomly invite me to a group if you expect me to do events (I hate events), though feel free to invite me to one if you wish. I am a nice person most the time but don't piss me off (Almost impossible to do btw :P). I DON'T take random friend invites. I am pretty random and please excuse my sprays at times. I will change my name at times aswell as my pic but know this, I am and always will be erm2000. (Love all you guys out there :D)

I like the Symbiotes (Venom, Carnage, Anti-Venom, Toxin, Dreadface, Scream, Lasher, Phage, Agony, Riot, Hybrid, Krobaa, Payback, Zzxz, She-Venom, Mania, and Scorn)

I also love wolves and dogs.

"It's not being picky, You just know what you like..." ~ ❤Miley❤

"I think he's trying to cock..." ~ Shpee

MIROR B. FOR THE WIN FOOLS!!!!!!! (Eggman is pretty cool too)

I am a very very old member of GHS, and I have received the tag many times; however, the time has come to change that. Although I no longer wear the tag of GHS (-=GHS=-), I am still a proud member of the old GHS community. Many of you have called me by "GHS" rather than my real username which is: Erm.

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Skeleton-Tye Sep 10 @ 7:35pm 
So i just found out. that we met years ago like back when a server called deadwood used to excist.
Flav❀rღ Aug 31 @ 3:41am 
guess our friendship meant nothing, it was great knowing you. I'm sorry it had it end like this. please be safe.
Akainu Aug 22 @ 3:59pm 
In that case, Howdy doo
Borislav Dav Jun 27 @ 10:06pm 
This guy has been helping the furry community fight for their rights in the modern world. He not only negotiates between the furs and regulars, but he personally delivers their demands to the supreme overlord. People like this are the kind of people who will help integrate unacceptable cultures into normality. Woof woof my furry friend!
¤๖ệŗм2000 Jun 26 @ 6:36pm 
SexyR63VinylScratch Jun 26 @ 6:10pm 
Pink cosmetics have been and always will be the best looking ones.