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Send a friend request if you want, well, as long as we have at least met before. I am your average guy who plays video games.

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Hello there, I'm Erick. I am your average guy who plays video games and talks about them. I play a lot of FPS games, my personal favorite being the Doom series.

I don't really play many online games these days, I just play Team Fortress 2 alongside some (Classic) Doom.

I don't have a lot to say, so have a good day and keep on gaming.

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Puissant Maliwan Norfleet Nov 15 @ 10:43pm 
could've atleast waited one more day so it could be one month after

actually maybe it is one day after in your timezone
Erick Nov 15 @ 8:04pm 
Puissant Maliwan Norfleet Oct 16 @ 9:14am 
i think doom eternal's requirements are at most going to be at the same level of rage 2 and wolfenstein, so that means it'll require somewhat of a 3gb card

which means i'm probably out of luck of playing the actual game but i want the doom 64 bonus so bad

but seeing how the doom port went, it'll probably be a unity mess anyway
Erick Oct 13 @ 5:32pm 
Cresh bandycut
Puissant Maliwan Norfleet Oct 12 @ 6:04pm 
if my video card explodes please donate to my hospital bill

oh wait nevermind i live in canada
Erick Oct 12 @ 5:55pm 
Late as usual, but don't be playing Dewm on console, especially classic Doom. Then again, I only finished the original Doom 64 (via EX) like twice in my life.