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1. Concrete Angel 3:59
2. Demons 2:57
3. Do You Believe in Magic? 2:07 :balloonicorn:
4. Going Home 3:24
5. Summertime Sadness 4:25 :LIS_butterfly:
6. Viva La Vida 4:02
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It’s not a game – it’s something bigger.

‘Life is Strange’ got deep down into my essence and planted there chrysalis to grow and undergo metamorphosis so one day it could hopefully become beautiful blue butterfly.

This is an experience that lingers long after you finish the story. You want to rewind and relive it again but it’s not the same. You want to stay in stasis but like chrysalis you can’t be pupa forever: you have to change if you want to live. Live in this twisted, bizarre but sometimes beautiful and yet strange world.

‘Life is Strange’ is fictional but it feels real. It touches your soul and raises questions about very human nature; it brings forward fundamental topics of metaphysics: like existence, causality, space, time.

Life isn‘t just strange – it‘s surreal. And that brings it a little bit closer to reality.
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