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Personal Achievements

Found it!

Find the first Upgrade and let it mount in.
Unlocked Mar 11 @ 3:43am

The first stage.

Master the first stage.
Unlocked Mar 11 @ 3:52am


Master the first mission with the Airship.
Unlocked Mar 11 @ 3:57am

Good in time

Complete the first time mission.
Unlocked Mar 12 @ 8:50am

One is none!

Defeat the first boss.
Unlocked Mar 18 @ 2:15am

You have to pay attention!

Crash beacause you run out of fuel.
Unlocked Mar 11 @ 4:01am


Destroy your airplane because of a crash.
Unlocked Mar 11 @ 3:59am


Fly into an energy barriere.
Unlocked Mar 11 @ 8:30am

Was that necessary?

Destroy your airplane while landing.
Unlocked Mar 11 @ 3:43am

Purple Heart

Crashed 10 times.
Unlocked Mar 11 @ 4:58am

That was loud!

Destroy a turret.
Unlocked Mar 11 @ 3:59am

I can shoot too!

Destroy a turret only with your gun.
Unlocked Mar 11 @ 8:28am


Destroy your Zeppelin.
Unlocked Mar 11 @ 4:44am

Not a scratch on it!

Complete a mission with the Zeppelin without touching anything.
Unlocked Mar 11 @ 3:57am

Very efficient

Complete a mission without refuelling your airplane.
Unlocked Mar 12 @ 8:50am

Two at once!

Destroy two buildings simultaneously.
Unlocked Mar 11 @ 7:54am

Skeet shooting

Destroy a flying rocket.
Unlocked Mar 11 @ 5:00am

The Bomber

Destroy all mission targets only with bombs.
Unlocked Mar 11 @ 4:39am

You are my fuel!

Collect 25 fuel items.
Unlocked Mar 18 @ 2:15am

You can't stand on one leg!

Defeat the second boss.

All good things come in threes!

Defeat the thrid Boss.

The table has four corners!

Defeat the fourth boss.

The hand has five fingers!

Defeat the fifth boss.


End the game in any mode.


End the game in 'normal' mode.

You maniac!

End the game in 'hard' mode.

Ace flyer!

Complete a sector without any airplane damage.


Destroy a wall turret.

See what you can do!

Run out of fuel with your Zeppelin.

Piece of work

Destroy a radar station only with your gun.


Destroy only the given targets, nothing else!

This is fun!

Destroy 20 rockets.

I don't like if you are hanging there!

Destroy a ceiling turret.

Only me is flying here!

Destroy 20 flying objects.

Burn Baby Burn!

Destroy 50 fuel tanks.

Nobody needs this!

Destroy 100 gas tanks.

You suck!

Destroy 150 turrets.

I'm not going to let you supervise me!

Destroy 20 radar stations.

Energy crisis

Destroy 50 generators.

All good!

Collect 35 repair items.

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