Steam Guard OK 09/06 sorry i've change my phone
I don't accept private inventory or second account, level 0 or people want to play w/ me
CPGE Student and also FPS | MMORPG Player
:2016gameingame: French CS:GO / TM2 / Rocket League / Dual Universe (soon) Player
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Welcome on my profile
I - Personnal Information

┌───── Palmares ─────┐

Master Arena :
Dragonya Insta'Cup #2 [] : 3rd

Trackmania :
SPHERIZ CUP #4 [] : Phase 2 in Pool :steamsad:

Counter-Strike :
● In coming


II - Trading on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive & Rocket League

:csgoct: - For CSGO :

Feel free to make any offers if i'm interrested, i'm open to discuss.
But I actually looking for nothing in particular.
I will not accept any storage / bots / alternative accounts, level 0, private or empty inventory.
I'll try to make equivalent trade, but I will never downgrade.

Have a nice day !
Want to trade with me ? Check my trade offer


:cleankey: - For Rocket League

You can see all my trade on Rocket League Garage []
Before adding me on Steam please send me a comment on my Rocket League Garage's trade or PM me on Rocket League Garage. OTHERWISE, I WILL NOT ACCEPT YOU AS FRIEND !

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