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Ignacio Raglianti   Santiago, Region Metropolitana, Chile
Please, comment before adding me!

Hey everybody!

My name's Ignacio. But you can call me Iggy to short it out. (Or that guy with the impossible to read username.)

I'm a voice actor, music producer, composer and a bass player. And, well, I dunno what else to put here. I sometimes play video games.

IRL information:

Full name : Watchyneed that for?
Age : Old enough.
Gender : Male.
Birthday : 3rd of March.
Language : English, Spanish, Latin (learning) and Italian (learning).
Sexual Orientation : Straight.
Relationship Status : Takerino
Hobbies : Skiing, Rock climbing, Composing Music, Voice acting, Playing the piano, Playing the bass guitar, Being busy with college

Steam statuses:

Online: I'm online! Feel free to message me. I (should) reply right away.
Away: I'm either away for real or I'm on mobile.
Busy: I'm either working or studying. I will respond with slight delay.
In-Game: I'm playing, of course. Feel free to talk to me but I might take a while to reply.
Looking to play: I rarely use this. But feel free to invite me to play with you!
Looking to trade: Nope. Back off pls.
Offline: Obvious. Feel free to message me and I'll reply when I'm back online.

Other accounts:

Raptr : epullay
Origin : epullay
Plays.tv : epullay
BugPlay uPlay : epumapu
Discord : epullay#1499
GOG : epullay
Curse : epullay

Do you know a social media site I should be on? Then tell me, and I'll most likely join!

YouTube Channel
Instagram Profile [instagram.com]

"Just remember: When life gives you lemons, fuck life in the ass and give it lemon-aids."

Martin Luther King
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『Crazed』 Jul 2 @ 1:51am 
Its me from the discord my dude
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██]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] 10% complete.....
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Scribs#9208 Apr 7 @ 12:56am 
Hey, we use to be friends.
markg546 Mar 22 @ 2:39pm 
markg546 here
*adds for dat voice*
M~ Mar 14 @ 6:01pm 
XxYoshie Mar 3 @ 7:17pm 
+rep really nice guy!