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Alica Baby is my Good luck charm :p <3

R.I.P Joshua "Brundle-fly" Switzer and Davide "Ender" James.

┏(-_-)┛┗(-_- )┓┗(-_-)┛┏(-_-)┓ Everyday I'm shufflin

Michael "MJ" Johnson-It truely has been an honor to learn from and play with the best. I do apologize for not being on my game lately, but Ive been ready to retire from cs for a while. With my son going to be here in 87ish days. It's time to play dad. So thank you for joining my team and making this cs season a special one. I know that we did not win every time, but we did put up a great effort. Thank you epox.

ESEA Client >> [ER1C] yo i messaged you yesterday
ESEA Client >> [ER1C] you shit on us in that scrim
ESEA Client >> [ER1C] and we really do need someone
ESEA Client >> [EpOxx] oh really lol?
ESEA Client >> [ER1C] yeah, you interested?
ESEA Client >> [EpOxx] naw man i don't do that i joined these guys so imma stick with em for a bit.
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