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Dalton Key   United States
Location:South Carolina
Steam Id: 0:0:16281
Sensitivity: 2.8
Mouse: G5 Logitech Gaming Mouse
Favorite Weapon: AWP/Desert Eagle
Favorite Map: Season

About Me:

Im 16 and live in South Carolina. I own Digital Anarchy a Webhosting, and Graphics Design company. I also play for Da Banana Bunch which is a Reform team we have exp ranging from CEVO-Pro to CAL-Invite. Were pretty good i guess. Thats about it ;)

Current Teams
[-]CAL-Open S13 - Da Banana Bunch

Online Accomplishments
---Counter Strike---
Corrupted Existence - CAL Main S23

---Counter Strike: Source---
Da Banana Bunch - CAL-Open S13

Vindicated Gaming [Team-Vindicated.co.cc]
Da Banana Bunch™ [DaBananaBunch.com]
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