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Hey look at that, a complete story!
Posted November 17, 2019. Last edited November 28, 2019.
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Honestly the best game I've ever played, hands down. I would recommend this game to anyone and everyone. I don't believe it is possible to get any better than this.
Posted June 29, 2019.
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Playing 4K @ 60Hz with an i7 8700k, ASUS GTX 1080Ti, average FPS of 48Hz on full ultra. I have been playing on nightmare difficulty, with exploration mode enabled.

While I’m only a few hours into this game, there are definitely a number of things I can say about it. Firstly, this is not an “Assassin’s Creed” game, similar to how Origins wasn’t, but this time even it’s more detached in my opinion. I don’t necessarily see this to be a bad thing, the old mould was getting tiresome, and this detachment allows for drastically different stories to be accommodated for.

To start the game you are asked to choose a number of things; difficulty, exploration mode, and who you’re going to play as. The latter is definitely interesting…you cannot change your choice once made, so I spent some time making this relatively simple and binary decision. At first I went with Kassandra, but something didn’t feel right playing as her, the voice acting didn’t match what I expected, among other issues I had. After a short time playing as Kassandra I completely deleted my save, went through the prologue again and switched to Alexios, I’m enjoying him much more.

Graphically, the game simply looks stunning, the first thing I did was climb to a high place and just observe. I seriously can’t wait to explore the rest of what this map has to offer (which by the way is considerably larger than that of Egypt, and consisting of a lot of water…)

Completely unable to comment on the story thus far, but it was definitely a welcome sight seeing more RPG elements making it into this installation.

I will update this as I progress.
Posted October 5, 2018.
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Essentially just a continuation of the same stuff from the main game. However, I found the story in the DLC exponentially more exciting and interesting, it was quick, and to the point. It also included a number of pivotal scenes / characters in relation to the AC universe, which alone make the $11 you pay completely worth it.

Took me about 12-15 hours to complete everything Sinai had to offer (bandit camps, quests, Steam achievements, papyrus puzzles etc), it never felt like a "grind". Unfortunately though, Sinai does not offer any further tombs / machines (my favourite part of the main game), I would've been happy with even just one or two tombs / machines.
Posted January 30, 2018.
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So much better than Syndicate / Unity.

Running a 980Ti, and i7 4770 in a triple 1080p setup (nvidia surround, 5760x1080), consistently achieving 35-45 frames on ultra.

  • Mostly perfect performance (for me at least).
  • New combat, actually takes some skill if you want to fight someone of equal or higher level, can't always just button mash.
  • Phylakes are the best, can't just stamp on low level hideouts when one of them rocks up.
  • New item system is fantastic.
  • Map is massive, and amazing to look at.
  • Theres lots to stay for after you complete the story, side quests are interesting, and they finally got rid of boring old chests you have to lock pick and replaced them with bandit hideouts you can loot from.
  • Steam Achievements, I've actually been spending extra time trying to get them all.
  • 100% sync is actually pretty reasonable (I got it in about 90 hours). I've been motivated to get full sync in Unity / Syndicate, but couldn't because there was just too much grinding (endless amounts of chests etc).

  • On a triple monitor setup (5760x1080) and FOV up high, water doesn't render on the far right and left of the screens.
  • Can't run the game off a hard drive formatted as a Microsoft Storage Space, had to create a symlink since I didn't have enough space on my none MSS drive.
  • In deep water I lag a LOT, the ocean is mostly fine, but water in tombs really lags me out, almost unplayable.
  • Fire looks terrible. Minecraft legit has better fire graphics.
  • No ability to replay missions or certain events. Other than arena fights or chariot races theres nothing you can replay without creating a whole new save.
  • No stat / sync tracker, considering this is the first AC game I've been motivated to 100% it would be nice to track progress towards this goal (and see it at 100% once done!!)
  • No database like previous AC games.
Posted November 2, 2017. Last edited April 17, 2018.
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Horribly optimised, constantly crashes, half the time controls don't even work.
Posted April 26, 2017.
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Disappointing to see this game go under purely because of Unity's reputation. I REALLY enjoyed this, and don't want to see the franchise go under.

This is an overall really great game.
Posted December 26, 2016.
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Only played a few hours so far. Heres what I have:

Huge improvement from 2 and 1. Most notably the new 3D world, I'm in love <3.

I'll add more later, but so far this game is amazing, even in early access.


Now that this is out of early access, I'm going to recommend that game besides the terrible story ending. Still somewhat worth the purchase.
Posted April 25, 2015. Last edited October 27, 2015.
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An overall interesting game, the idea of a 2D Minecraft confuses and interests me at the same time since I played the much hated Minecraft for many years before eventually switching over to Steam games in general. There really is not much to say about this game as it is really straight forward, but I'll give it a shot.

I would like to start off by saying I have played a limited amount of time with this game and I have limited knowledge of it, so please understand this as you read my review. The first positive thing is the idea of the game. Someone has gone ahead and made a simpler version of MineCraft at a cheaper price (sort of). But honestly, that's also a negative, great idea, but you ripped it off someone...

Now onto the actual game, it's frustrating that's for sure, in the 1 hour that I played it I made a good underground house (imo) and I was beginning to like it, then in about the period of 5 minutes I died maybe 5-6 times and my house became ridden with creatures. Certainly not the start I was looking for, but fun to deal with. In the next .7 hours it became apparent that I was a 'noob' the amount of crafting recipes and formulas was never ending, and I realised that this was not a simplified MineCraft, but rather a more advanced Minecraft...

There, that's all I learnt from like 1.7 hours of it, do as you please, I sit on the fence.

Overall Rating: 7/10
Posted September 12, 2014.
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Ok, so I started playing this game the day it came out, sadly I only have 12 hours today since I have been quite distracted. But, I have had a chance to complete the campaign mode and give multiplayer a shot, both just as enjoying as the other, with a different set of skills requires for each.

First off, I would like to go over the campaign mode. When I first loaded the game I imediately noticed a great improvement from Sniper Elite v2 - the graphics were clearer with amazingly detailed shadows and characters. After a few minutes of playing it was very apparent that this was a completely different game to Sniper Elite v2, the world is extremely open with different ways to complete every task; this is in contrast to Sniper Elite v2's linear story line with very limited options complete a task. I think the implementation of optional objectives and collectables greatly enhanced the overall experience.

Moving on to multiplayer, once again, a whole new take on the v2 multiplayer mode. You can actually talk to people and the maps are much more expansive allowing for more sniping and less traps and MP 40's. also, the introduction of more multiplayer objectives has really caused the game to be more playable, in an effort to discover and play them all.

On to the negatives, of which there are very few, my first would be some of the co-op mechanics. When playing co-op destroying a tiger tank is a matter of standing on either side as it spins around in circles undecided on who to shoot at. And then only having one of the two-four players in cutscenes.

Overall, I would definitely recommended this game to friends, and have actually done so already! The positives of this game greatly outweigh my list of negatives with a vast improvement from Sniper Elite v2 which I imensely enjoyed.

Campaign Rating: 9/10
Co-Op Rating: 8/10
Multiplayer Rating 9.5/10

Overall Rating: 9/10
Posted September 12, 2014.
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