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exon is an illusion.
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Wanna add me? if you are either one of the following, don't even bother.

:med: Friend Collector.
:med: Scammer. (don't even try.)
:med: Want to trade. Trade Offer Link
:med: Private Profile.

if I know and trust you, I will make an exception.

When to talk to me
Online: Feel free to start up a conversation.
Away: Send me a message, I'll see it when I'm back.
Busy: Please don't message me.
Offline: I probably died.

About Me
:moeda: 20 year old engineering student, my birth name is bad so I go by Levi.
:moeda: I like digital art, most genres of metal and rock, and cats.
:moeda: I'm a beginner Digital Artist myself, if you want a commission, PM me.
:moeda: I take a lot of pride in everything I do (My drawings, my Discord server and any of my other work).
:moeda: Do you have a cat? I must see it, that is an order.
:moeda: I have to tendency of being a jerk (as a joke) to my closest friends, so if you see me picking on you, now you know why :)
:moeda: I only play TF2 to get on SKUFs bigcity since I'm an admin there, I also play on other SKUFs servers.
:moeda: I am active daily on my Discord server listed above, feel free to join me and my friends there.

People I don't like
Anyone like Hitler.
honestly if you're better than Hitler than you're okay.

People I like
Really anyone who has proven they're not as bad as Hitler.

Some of my best work, includes commissions. [imgur.com]
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[Discord] mostly my own discord server

Mantaro: :thinking: I rate ender's niceness with a 3/100

Frizzle Fry: Tag ne one more time and I will play golf with your balls

Ender: Frizzle is more Saudi Arabian than the royal family

Mantaro: :thinking: I rate Frizzle with a 1/100

Fucking FuckAss: SNAKES

 や ぃ
Frizzle Fry: go jack off in a museum

Frizzle Fry: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey pasta bolognese mama mia satana

Ender: I will yaba daba doo your mom

Topdens: It's cereal you fucking swedish bob marley

Ender: I want to ٦٩ your mom

Topdens: Why do I feel like every establishment in SA is named among the lines of The establishment X of Ahmad Abdul bin Saladin the Magnificent al ping pong praise allah

Violic: Am I a retard magnet?
Topdens: The fact that Max was the first one to answer kind of points to you being a retard magnet

exon: fucking animals man
Topdens: The worst superhero there is

Frizzle Fry: started from the bottom, now we're still here

exon: I'm sure you'll find an uber driver who'll love you

exon: there's jojo references in the quran

Ender: Tomorrow we book together then you two fuck in a public bathroom

Frizzle Fry I think this is how ender and Exon came to be [gyazo.com]

Frizzle Fry: "These fucking jews and their maple syrup and gender equality" -Saudi Arabia probably

Frizzle Fry: there exists a person named whitney cummings
Frizzle Fry: that is all

Topdens: suffocate with your face against my ass

Frizzle Fry: miss me with that shit
Ender: no one will ever miss you when you die
Frizzle Fry: that's uncalled for

Frizzle Fry: You know what they say
Frizzle Fry: Opinions are like assholes
Frizzle Fry: everyone has one, and mine is better than everyone else's

Ender: Have you ever imagined Gibraltar fondling your balls?
Ganuz: No.
Ender: Why not?
Ganuz: Because I want to sleep tonight.
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I hate Wyoming and so do you
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the ♥♥♥♥ you insulting 165cm people for?
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>ok ok but are you on the roof of a nazi series episode lust manlet goebbels? there is the whole NSDAP party, so Adolf Hitler der Führer fans also get to laugh and laugh is certain goebbels 165cm long and other :D it is worth watching fast :DD
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Happy birthday