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Cambo602 Apr 29 @ 6:16pm 
please, PLEASE, stop referring to women as females. it’s dehumanizing. women don’t like it. not to mention it’s weird to say men and females in the same sentence. just say women. a majority of the time, when someone says “females,” the follow up is deeply rooted in misogyny. it’s also grammatically weird. female is often used as an adjective, not a subject (example: female cat). it’s often used to describe animals, not people. it’s an easy way to call women inferior without saying it out loud. Additionally, when you refer to women as females, you’re also reducing women to their reproductive parts and abilities, which is just gross and demeaning. i'm sorry but if you're a male then you're nothing more than a pig, and we don't need you anymore to reproduce in our society because now we have trans women. so just die or something.
Kenneth II Apr 24 @ 5:54am 
Miss my friend. Emma come home. -Ken
Kenneth II Apr 21, 2020 @ 10:20pm 
Lowkey bullied me my entire childhood