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Outdoor Renovations

Construct a building outside the initial starting biome.
Unlocked Dec 12, 2020 @ 2:09pm

To Pay the Bills

Use a Duplicant's Skill Points to buy out an entire branch of the Skill Tree.
Unlocked Dec 12, 2020 @ 2:06pm

One Bed One Bath

Have at least one bed and one toilet for each Duplicant in the colony.
Unlocked Dec 11, 2020 @ 8:27pm

The Great Escape

Ensure your colony's legacy by fulfilling the requirements of the Escape Imperative.

Home Sweet Home

Establish your permanent home by fulfilling the requirements of the Colonize Imperative.


Have Duplicants consume 400,000kcal of food without planting any seeds in Planter Boxes, Farm Tiles, or Hydroponic Farms.


Have Duplicants eat 400,000kcal of critter meat before the 100th cycle.

Some Reservations

Improve Duplicant Morale by designating 4 areas as Nature Reserves.

No Place Like Clone

Have at least 20 living Duplicants living in the colony at one time.

Turn of the Century

Reach cycle 100 with at least one living Duplicant.

Moovin' On Up

Find and tame a Gassy Moo.

Not 0K, But Pretty Cool

Reduce the temperature of a building to 6 Kelvin.

Super Sustainable

Generate 240,000kJ of power without using coal, methane, petrol or wood generators.

Totally Tubular

Have Duplicants travel 10,000m by Transit Tube.

Space Race

Launch your first rocket into space.

And Nowhere to Go

Have 8 Duplicants wear non-default clothing simultaneously.

Get a Room

Build at least one of each of the following rooms in a single colony: A Nature Reserve, a Hospital, a Recreation Room, a Great Hall, a Bedroom, a Washroom, a Greenhouse and a Stable.

One Year, to be Exact

Reach cycle 365.25 with a single colony.


Enter an oil biome for the first time.

Critter Whisperer

Find and tame one of every critter species in the world. Default morphs only.

Honorary Doctorate

Unlock every item in the Research Tree.

It's Not Raw

Have a Duplicant eat any cooked meal prepared at an Electrical Grill or Gas Range.

Royal Flush

Replace all the Outhouses and Wash Basins in your colony with Lavatories and Sinks.

Oxygen Not Occluded

Distribute 1000kg of Oxygen using gas vents.

Red Light, Green Light

Automate a building using sensors or switches from the Automation tab in the Build Menu.

Art Underground

Have a Duplicant with the Masterworks skill paint a Masterpiece quality painting.

Ghosts of Gravitas

Recover a Database entry by inspecting facility ruins.

Good Egg

Hatch a new critter morph from an egg.

They Got Better

Cure a sick Duplicant of disease.

Tune Up For What?

Perform 100 Tune Ups on power generators.

Pulling Back The Veil

Reveal 80% of map by exploring outside the starting biome.

Down the Hatch

Produce 10 t of refined metal by ranching Smooth Hatches.

Immovable Object

Block a meteor from hitting your base using a Bunker Door.

Easy Livin'

Have Auto Sweepers complete more deliveries to machines than Duplicants over 5 cycles.

Job Suitability

For 10 cycles in a row, have every Duplicant in the colony complete at least one chore while wearing an Exosuit.

First Teleport of Call

Teleport a Duplicant and defrost a Friend on another world.

Soft Launch

Build a launchpad on a world without a teleporter.

Cluster Conquest

Land dupes or rovers on all worlds in the cluster.


Successfully analyze at least one seed of all mutatable plants.

Mine the Gap

Mine 1,000,000kg from space POIs.

Cosmic Archaeology

Uncover the past to secure your future by fullfilling the requirements of the Exploration Imperative.

Radical Trip

Have radbolts travel a cumulative 10 km.

Sweeter Than Honey

Extract Uranium from a Beeta hive without getting stung.

Morale High Ground

Have all Duplicants in a rocket survive in space for 10 cycles in a row with a morale of 25 or higher.

That's Rad!

Run a Research Reactor at full capacity for 5 cycles.