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Repair the Ship
Unlocked Dec 27, 2021 @ 10:02pm

The Stars Beckon

Repair the Spaceship
Unlocked Jan 17 @ 12:05am

Property Investor

Build 100 Huts across all games
Unlocked Jan 17 @ 12:42am


Make a Tool at a Toolsmith
Unlocked Dec 27, 2021 @ 8:56pm


Use a Transmogrifier 30 times across all games
Unlocked Jan 13 @ 2:30am


Demolish 100 forests across all games
Unlocked Dec 27, 2021 @ 11:21pm

A New Home

Colonise a Planet

It's Bright Out There

Colonise an innermost Planet

The Dark Reaches

Colonise an outermost Planet

What was That?

Survive a whale attack

Feed The Beast

Prevent a Whale attack with a Space Elevator

A Whole New World

Finish the game

Heart of the Labyrinth

Tame a Minotaur

Debug Mode

Tame a Gremlin Nest

Riddle Master

Tame a Sphinx

Heart of the Ocean

Tame a Kraken

Smooth Sailing

Repair the Ship in 15 in-game minutes

Let's Get Off This Rock

Repair the Spaceship in 90 in-game minutes

Back to the Bunker

Hide all Peeps on a Planet in Shelters during a Whale attack


Fully protect a Planet with a Shield


Have 100+ Peeps on Island, all of them happy and living in Apartments. Also have 10 Fountains and no pollution on that Island

7 Horizons

Colonise 7 Planets in 1 game

Warm at Heart

Have all Peeps wearing Good Clothing


Have one Island with 300+ Peeps on it, all with homes


Have one Island with 200+ Peeps, all happy and housed

Holiday Resort

Have 100+ Peeps, all happy and housed, on an Island that's never had fields or Extractor, Industry or Quality of Life buildings on it

One with Nature

Repair Spaceship without ever demolishing a Forest

We Don't Need No Education

Have 100 Peeps on an Island without ever building a School there


Finish the game without ever building a cleaner

Variety is the Spice of Life

Colonise Islands of all 6 biomes and have a population of at least 50 Peeps on each of them

The Taste Of Home

50+ Peeps, all happy, on an inner or outer Planet Island, fed with only potatoes and water

Environmental Protection Agency

Maintain a full Shield for 1 in-game hour around a Planet with only Wind and Solar generators

Apocalype Soon

Complete the Apocalypse Soon scenario

Misery Loves Company

Have 100+ Peeps in a game, all of them Very Sad

What did I step in?

Have a Planet with every Island tile polluted (apart from tiny islands), with default pollution difficulty settings

Seed Hunter

Complete the Seed Hunter scenario

Hut-Owners Association

Complete the Hut-Owners Association scenario

Getting Busy

Complete the Getting Busy scenario

Baby Boom

Create 500 Peeps across all games
361 / 500


Colonise 20 Islands across all games
4 / 20


Survive 20 Whale Attacks across all games
0 / 20


Make 100 Gadgets across all games
0 / 100


Build 10 Spaceships across all games
0 / 10


Build 20 Ships across all games
10 / 20

Property Tycoon

Build 1000 Huts across all games
102 / 1,000

Baby Boom Plus

Create 5000 Peeps across all games
361 / 5,000

Explorer Plus

Colonise 100 Islands across all games
4 / 100

Survivalist Plus

Survive 100 Whale Attacks across all games
0 / 100

Grand Alchemist

Use a Transmogrifier 200 times across all games
37 / 200

Grand Tinker

Make 1000 Gadgets across all games
0 / 1,000

Space Admiral

Build 100 Spaceships across all games
0 / 100


Build 200 Ships across all games
10 / 200

Giant Woodchuck

Demolish 1000 forests across all games
278 / 1,000

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