Queasy Moan
i picked it, i didnt eat it
u look like an alien
go play with dolls kid

git jiggy with it

surge is a fucking retard
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Ember Apr 20 @ 7:43am 
great at making pics
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EastonFection Jan 28 @ 7:28pm 
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Does anyone else find Mufasa's death scene sexually arousing? When Scar pierces Mufasa's paws and he cries for help I can feel the blood from my body slowly makes it's way down to my penis, which screams in lustful harmony as Mufasa cries out in pain. And then he lies on the floor, dead and still, as if he were a silent woman laying on her bed, fully nude, beckoning you to fuck her. Place yourself in the position of Simba; the man whom once dominated you in your everyday life now lies unable to be dominated - it is the dream of every sub to be the dom for once. Then Simba approaches his dead father and with his small, weak and subordinate yet at this moment powerful paw, begins grazing against Mufasa's soft pelt. Then he cries, the dominated breaks down once more even in the stillness of his dominatrix. Maybe it's just me, but I really get off to Simba crying over his dead father.
Stelthbuny Jan 25 @ 2:08am 
Trade Your Cases For Keys (4 x 1 rate) {LINK REMOVED}
I miss you.. Jan 20 @ 10:10pm 
Bag of fucking shit