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Oh, didn't see you there, hi. :noire:

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Please dont add me without a reason, I will most likely decline unless you give a reason in the comments section below. But feel free to add me if we've played games together, especially if its DBFZ :noire: Also I'm not a girl so stop adding me thinking that I am, you weirdos lol.

Warning: There are a lot of things that you probably don't care about down here, so...only if you care enough, keep reading.

~ I'm 23yo (Im getting wayy too old for this lol.)

~ I'm honestly the cringiest person in the world. I mean... I'm a weeb, lol.

~ I hate giving up, if something seems possible I try to do it, because of this I love playing games on high difficulty XD. I also consider myself somewhat funny but maybe that's just my opinion, lol. Oh and I'm secretly a dummy owo

~ If you're interested this is my Twitter. Be warned, I retweet a lot of Android 21 fan arts, there's this person that only draws her and I really love their drawings, they're absolutely gorgeous. I also retweet a bunch of anime stuff, sometimes NSFW, nothing too intense but still, think twice about checking out my profile.

~ I love VTubers, this is something I've been discovering for the past year and it's been really fun, I'm very invested and honestly It's already part of my daily life. If you're interested on watching some clips, I mostly share them on Twitter. Also here's my Hololive Tier List. [media.discordapp.net]

~ I'm naturally bad at any kind of videogames, I'm only average at fighting games. I just love them so much, there's nothing like a good fight, reading your opponent and learning new combos. I always play on keyboard btw, so it's kinda difficult to play sometimes.

~ I really like watching anime and stuff, I guess it's really obvious, but uh...yeah. If you're interested in the kind of stuff that I watch— you should definitely check out my list on MAL. [myanimelist.net]

~ My native language is Spanish but I've been learning English since I was 4 or 5. I can manage speaking it sometimes— but I still don't feel too confident about it. I also know a little bit of Japanese.

~ My favorite videogame franchises are Zero Escape, Danganronpa and Neptunia. I've been picking up Yakuza and I'm loving it, I've only played 0, Kiwami 1 and 2, Yakuza 3 and Yakuza 4. I also just finished Yakuza 5, its my 2nd favorite so far. I'm absolutely willing to play the rest of the franchise.

~ If you're wondering why the heck Im so obsessed with the same twin tailed animu girl— it's because she's my tsundere goddess :noire:

~ I'm really poor, like to the point I can't even buy games for myself or get simple things. My entire steam account is just filled with gifted and free games, lol. I don't really complain because I'm happy. But hey, if you're feeling generous here's my PayPal. [paypal.me]If you do donate please consider letting me know by messaging me or commenting on my profile. I wanna be able to thank you, because any help is always appreciated, no matter how small it is :noire: :noire:

~ I've spent over 900 hours on DBFZ. Don't let my play time deceive you. I'm still terrible at this game, lol.

~ I like listening to music, it's one of my hobbies. If you want to know what kind of music I like then scroll down and you'll find out.

~ I really like to read manga, if I could buy translated manga I'd be reading all day, but heh... life is hard. By the way my favorite manga is and will always be Gantz.

~ This is gonna be really unexpected —and it might surprise you a little bit—, but I'll say it anyway. I think I like the Neptunia franchise xD Nep-nep forever my dude. :noire:

~ I'm currently addicted to this song. I hope you might like it.

~ My Setup: (I know I have the crappiest computer in the world— but I can't afford for a better 1)

Motherboard: ASRock FM2A58M-VG3+ R2.0
CPU: AMD APU A10-6800K 4.1 GHz
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 8670D IGP
RAM: Kingston 6GB RAM 1333 MHz


► Play as Makoto on SFV if she ever makes it into the game. []
► Get NSUNS4 Road To Boruto DLC []
► Get to Ultra Instinct Rank on DBFZ (Currently at: God of Destruction. I just got that rank after grinding all this time, I feel accomplished.) []
► Get the entire Yakuza Collection []
► Get every single Resident Evil game on Steam []
► Get VVVtunia when it comes out for PC []
► Get a Noire badge for my profile [DONE]
► Get every single Noire profile background (Near impossible lol) []


► Yakuza Kiwami [] Gotta complete the remake collection!
► Yakuza 3 []
► Yakuza 4 []
► Yakuza 5 []
► Yakuza 6 []
► Cyberdimension Neptunia []
► Steins Gate [] The anime was amazing and it's my TOP 1 Favorite, without a doubt
► State of Decay 2 [DONE] yay
► Indivisible []

Favorite Characters from Street Fighter (And my mains too, heh):

- Makoto (USFIV Main)
- Sakura (SFV Main)
- Laura
- Ibuki
- Decapre
- Poison

DRAGON BALL FighterZ Mains:

- Yamcha
- Android 21
- Krillin
- Base Vegeta
- Kefla
- Supersaiyan Goku (WELCOME BACK 2M WE MISSED YOU)

I wanna play SSJ4 gogeta but dont have the dlc so i'll stick to my guns lol

DRAGON BALL FighterZ Characters that I hate with all my might:

- UI Goku [screw this character and all his cheap stuff]
- Vegetto Blue [They literally hit you from mid screen with their toes xD]
- Kid Buu
- Frieza [Only the good ones, the bad ones are easy to get around but bruh. I hate not being able to play neutral xDD]

Favorite Artists:

- Maiko Nakamura
- Tommy heavenly6
- Tommy february6
- the brilliant green
- LiSA
- La Oreja de Van Gogh
- Avril Lavigne
- Imai Asami
- XS Project
- System of a Down
- M.O.V.E
- t.A.T.u.
- Senses Fail
- A Day To Remember
- Disturbed
- 3OH!3 (I started listening to them, they're weird but they have some bangers too lol)
- Evanescense
- Blink-182
- Linkin Park
- Green Day
- Paramore
- Krewella

My Favorite Videogame Genres:

- Fighting Games
- Stealth
- Third-Person MMORPGs
- Visual Novels
- Third-Person Shooters
- Rhythm Games (Even tho Im terrible at them, lol)
- Hack N' Slash
- Puzzle Games?

My Favorite Music Genres:

- Hard Bass
- Eurobeat
- Rock (Mostly Pop and Punk)
- Electropop
- Metal
- Rock
- J-Pop
- City Pop

B-day ~ July 16 Nobody is gonna remember anyway
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