time is cruel
Meme player. Arrow spammer. Not really talkative. Addicted to PUG.

3 inch/360
rip wrist

The Beginning

I do miss the time when i didn't suck

Sync is an idiot:

raiz : yo guys
(Voice) i am a spy: Go! Go! Go!
raiz : type quit smoking
raiz : in console
bludzhatt was automatically assigned to team BLU
syncy left the game (Disconnect by user.)
raiz : LOL

12:20 PM - syncy: oh fuck
12:20 PM - syncy: YOU

I have 2.86 GB of songs in my phone.
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time well spent
now i want it back.
time is cruel Jun 15 @ 6:41am 
lmao farm
this is yc Jun 15 @ 4:04am 
4k hours WHAT THE FUCK
eunowO Jun 15 @ 4:02am 
"I have 2.86 GB of songs in my phone."
nice phone
this is yc Jun 15 @ 4:01am 
6:01 PM - hehe 2015: make a hole on the wall
6:01 PM - hehe 2015: then fuck
6:01 PM - hehe 2015: ez
eunowO May 20 @ 10:39am 
quit smoking
time is cruel Apr 10 @ 8:02pm