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Posted: Nov 25, 2016 @ 9:03am

Now, let's make something clear. At the surface, and on gameplay level, ICEY is exactly what it looks like, a simple action game.

But don't look away yet. While it is a simple action game, it hits every aspect that makes an action game great and entertaining.

The gameplay is solid, fairly challenging, quick restart (except on the last boss, hopefully developer will amend that eventually), and a great soundtrack for the design of the game.

Now, action games, due to their nature, suffer in certain aspects. That being story and character development.

And this is why I must commend the developer with the ***** he required of me. See, they took those details that do not excel on an action game, and put them inside of a meta game inside the game! Think that's confusing? Try playing it and figuring it out! The little clues here and there sure do a good job in goading the player on trying to find everything and understand what's going on backstage.

Furthermore, another detail that comes to my mind and I must bring up, the game does have a somewhat.... Small number of assets (enemies, levels), however, due to the solid and challenging gameplay I've brought up before, it does not suffer for it, just beware you'll see somethings repeating a bit.
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