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Acount for sale Oct 24 @ 5:06am 
good map bro <3 ily
boat Oct 16 @ 6:08pm 
cashworks is such a fun map
Brokkhouse Jul 21 @ 4:20pm 
Hi! I'm with TF2Maps. Could we talk about Cashworks?
Kimmy Jul 20 @ 11:14am 
Hello. On Cashworks' Workshop page I've created a list of possible improvements/fixes for the map. Are you interested in working on the map after it became official?
rotten Jul 14 @ 1:50pm 
cashworks is honestly my favorite map, played it on a server once and it was awesome. glad its in the game <3
eerieone Jul 13 @ 3:33pm 
Once the panic and stress settles, it feels great :D
Imagine dusting off an old boardgame, hardly remembering all the rules

Give me TF3 and I´m back in the mapping biz :D