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Personal Achievements

Full Roster

Complete Arcade Mode with all characters.

Earth's Mightiest Hero

Complete Arcade Mode.

Worlds Collide

Complete Story Mode chapter "Rescue Mission."

The Hunt for Infinity

Complete Story Mode chapter "Symbiote Attack."

Fate of Two Worlds

Complete Story Mode chapter "Battling Ultron Omega."


Complete 20 missions in Mission Mode.

Super Hero

Complete 40 missions in Mission Mode.

Living Legend

Complete 100 missions in Mission Mode.


Perform a 30-hit combo. Arcade/online only


Perform a 60-hit combo. Arcade/online only

Hyped Up

Use 50 hyper combo gauge bars. Arcade/online only

Good Blocks

Block 100 times. Arcade/online only

When Push Comes to Shove

Perform 50 advancing guards. Arcade/online only

Tag Team Special

Perform 20 combos that include an Active Switch. Arcade/online only

First Attack!

Perform 50 first attacks. Arcade/online only

Haggar Would Be Proud

Perform 50 throws. Arcade/online only

Infinity Fighter

Use Infinity Surge 50 times. Arcade/online only

Infinity Warrior

Use Infinity Storm 50 times. Arcade/online only

Combo Machine

Perform 20 auto combos. Arcade/online only


Achieve a perfect victory. Arcade/online only

Winning with Style

Perform 10 Lv1 hyper combo finishes. Arcade/online only

That'll Leave a Mark

Perform 5 Lv3 hyper combo finishes. Arcade/online only

Local Fighter

Play 5 matches in any offline mode.

Local Champion

Play 50 matches in any offline mode.

Hero in Training

Pick each character in Arcade Mode.

Master Class

Complete all missions for 5 different characters.

Here Comes a New Challenger!

Fight a battle in Online Mode.

Battle Recruit

Fight 5 battles in Online Mode.

Battle Junkie

Fight 10 battles in Online Mode.

Battle Veteran

Fight 50 battles in Online Mode.

Equal Opportunities Puncher

Fight against all chaaracters in Online Mode.

Solo Round

Win without calling your partner or switching out in an online match.


Win without blocking in an online match.

Master of the Fist

Reach 14th Rank.

Power Made Flesh

Reach 10th Rank.

Ascending the Ladder

Win 1 battle in Ranked Match.

Eye on the Throne

Win 10 battles in Ranked Match.

King of the Hill

Win 30 battles in Ranked Match.


Get a 2-game win streak in Ranked Match.


Get a 5-game win streak in Ranked Match.


Fight 100 battles in Ranked Match.


Unlock 3 Fighter Card backgrounds.


Unlock 10 Fighter Card character colors.


Unlock 20 titles.

Tivan Sends His Regards

Unlock 50 titles.

Passport to Beatdown Country

Fight in all of the stages.

Master of Infinity

Unlock all achievements.