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Police Brutality

Encouraged a confession via physical means.

Bitter Deal

Made a deal to save the innocent.

Wrong Number

Would not give up on pleasant company before being forced to.

Quid Pro Quo

You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours.

Don't Tell The Wife

Okay, you twisted by arm.

Or Else

Some offers you can't refuse.

Liar, Liar

Some things are just better kept secret.

The Best Policy

A sound relationship is all about trust.

It's Golden

Sometimes silence says everything.

Respectable Businessman

To control your passions shall result in positive business venture. (Lucky number is 4.)

Extra Spicy

Really turned up the heat at a dining establishment.

White Knight

Extracted a young lady from a suspicious situation.

A Trade's A Trade

Traded someone's personal safety for information.

Joe The Plumber

Showed off your skills as a handyman.


'Borrowed' a cellphone.

Follow The Armani

Went after the head of a crime organization.

Stop, Murderer!

Went after a brutal killer.


Completed the 1st episode of The Detail: “Where the Dead Lie”

Epileptic Boogaloo

Sometimes a lighter touch is required

Book 'Em, Tyrone

Nothing wrong with going by the book.

Out Cold

Mister Head meets Mister Fridge.

Here's Reggie!

No piece of plywood is going to stand in the way of justice.

A Little Information

Decided that there is such a thing as oversharing.

Better Late Than Never

Spilled the beans, and possibly the mashed potatoes as well.

Home is Where the Hell is

Sometimes you just can't find the right words.

Calm Waters

Those currents underneath can really surprise you though.

What are Friends For?

Borrowed some new wheels for the night.

Guidance Counselor

Assisted someone in finding a new career path.

No-one will Miss These

Nabbed a set of wheels for the night.


There's nothing wrong here that I can't fix, with my hands.

Mi Corazón es Tuyo

Rediscovered a precious thing, but at what cost?

Family Ties

Remained loyal in the face of temptation.

Weak Tea

Made the minimum effort to help someone.

Oh Taxi!

Got a lady a safe ride.


Did your most to help another human being.

Consolation Prize

Completed the 2nd episode of The Detail: “From the Ashes".

No Reception

The desk is closed.

Sit Down Grandma

Helped an old lady not to hurt herself.

Freeze, Police!

There is no running in the hallways.


Helped a lady out of a sticky situation.

Thanks for Nothing

Turned your back on a friend to protect yourself.

Home Invasion

Years of hard therapy in the making.

To Protect and to Serve

Represented law enforcement in the worst way.

Ride Along

Took some ladies for a ride.

No Connection

Interrupted an important phone call.

Disconnecting People

Revoked the means of communication.

A Letter to America

Received mail from a faraway friend.

A Silent Witness

The dead to not always lie.

Sorry About the Jacket

Diffused a tight situation decisively.


Refused to use force.

Death in the Family

The thin blue line has been broken.


Kept a souvenier that may become useful later.

In the Drink

Threw away some bad memories.

Pontius Pilate

Left the choice to the system.

Season Passed

Finished the first season of The Detail. Thank you for playing.