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Personal Achievements

Out of My Way

Defeat 50 enemies.

Who's Next?

Defeat 250 enemies.

No Pardons For You

Defeat 1,000 enemies.

Mud Slinger

Deal 500 damage in combat.

Heavy Hitter

Deal 2,500 damage in combat.

Master Bureaucrat

Deal 10,000 damage in combat.


Receive 500 damage in combat.

Walk it Off!

Receive 2,500 damage in combat.

Bring it On!

Receive 10,000 damage in combat.

Junior Statesman

Recruit 5 citizens.

Career Politician

Recruit 25 citizens.

World Leader

Recruit all 40 citizens.

Easy Money

Earn $1,000.


Earn $3,000.

Early Retirement

Earn $10,000.

Budget Cuts

Spend $1,000.

Government Spending

Spend $3,000.

Raising the Deficit

Spend $10,000.

Finders, Keepers

Find 15 treasures.

Treasure Hunter

Find 45 treasures.

Intelligence Network

Find 100 treasures.

Odds 'n Ends

Collect 30 items.


Collect 100 items.

Presidential Library

Collect 300 items.

Pick Me Up

Use 25 items.

Supply and Demand

Use 75 items.

Charitable Donation

Use 150 items.


Discover 10 locations.


Discover 20 locations.


Discover 30 locations.

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