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My original Steam account from September 2003

A Lie Is Most Convincing When Hidden Between Two Truths
(Fox Mulder - The X-Files)

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[list] [*] Value: £51892 (£13223 with sales)
[*] Games owned: 9089
[*] Games played: 5333 (58%)
[*] Hours on record: 24,419.2h [/list]

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Trading Cards

I will always trade my cards from the same set 1:1 unless the price gap is far to different from each other. I will trade my cards from different sets 1:2 as you will be asking me to break a set.

No private profiles please. What do you have to hide!!! It will be Ignored & put on Ban list!!!
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Marco Sep 1 @ 2:23am 
nice :gk_energy:
quake2.exe Aug 17 @ 8:57am 
hi, sorry for this trade offer.. i have not seen prices before
Solomon Jul 2 @ 2:03pm 
+rep friendly, fast and honest trader.
ormax3 Jun 5 @ 12:37pm 
+rep great trader :cupup:
Hey, please add me on Steam to complete trade
Jim Neo Apr 9 @ 12:07pm