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I am Ecen Cronzeton, brother of John Cronzeton and formerly known as Ecen Silver. I practice programming, system managing and play games.

I was first introduced to Steam by a friend of mine when Portal for a week was free to anyone who downloaded it in order to celeberate Steam for Mac. Since then I've grown quite accustomed to the platform!

Since portal I've been doing lots of stuff. I played alot of Team Fortress 2, as well as some Portal 2, Skyrim and lots of other things. I've also become a fan of League of Legends during my time here on Steam, so if you haven't, and are not already into DotA 2, HoN, or anything else very similar, you might want to check it out, it's quite fun.

I was also eventually found the podcast "Steamcast" that I really enjoyed, and still enjoy, now that it is back up after a year-long break.

Besides that I don't think there's to much to say, yet. I'm on Twitter , I'm the founder of GEEC, that you can read more about on its own page, and if you want to sign up for LoL, this is my recruiting link [].

Have a good day!

I like philosophical wordings on interesting subjects. Here is one I like:

"Magic is only Science that we don't yet understand."
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Malignity. Feb 20, 2018 @ 3:27pm 
King Tralossk never really liked Alkin, but gave him his own command in the hopes that he would one day get himself killed. That never happened, and Alkin has led a long and glorious career, much to the displeasure of the King.
Malignity. Feb 11, 2018 @ 5:50am 
"With my magic wielders about me I gained the wall and there did I fight with spells, fire and sword against the great Lord Alamar, and his wizards that have already become a myth told by peasants around camp fires. He was cunning, mighty was his sword arm, great his magic, and brilliant his strategies. But they availed him for naught, for in the end I cast him down and my only disappointment was that he was able to flee into distant realms."
—Morglin Ironfist
Malignity. Feb 2, 2018 @ 8:16am 
Death makes no sense except to people who have passionately loved life. How can one die without having something to part from? Detachment is a negation of both life and death. Whoever has overcome his fear of death has also triumphed over life. For life is nothing but another word for this fear.
Djau Djau May 25, 2015 @ 2:53pm 
Spooooooky comment~
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