ÉasyCard bot⇄CSGO/TF2 keys
Steam Level Up service
Card bot which help you easy level up your steam account
17:1 TF2 ||15:1 CS:GO|| 3:1 Sack of Gems
Suppliers please use this bot Zetbot

In non-Steam game
17:1 TF2/15:1 CS:GO
LevelUp bot 17:1 TF2, 15:1 CSGO
This is an automatic level up bot service, which help you to exchange your CS:GO keys for complete trading card sets, ready to be crafted to boost your account level

Make sure your keys are tradable
How to use me

- Add as a friend

- Write commands:

!check - how many sets available for you considering your previosly crafted badges;
!buy [amount of keys] - buy sets you haven't crafted for a specific amount of keys, e.g. !buy 5
!buytf [amount of keys] if you want to pay for card sets using TF2 keys
!buypubg [amount of keys] if you want to pay for card sets using Playerunknown's Battlegrounds keys
!buygems if you want to pay with Sacks of Gems. Remember - Sack of Gems - it's 1000 Gems
!level x check how many sets and keys you need to reach desired level

- Accept trade offer

- Craft your badges

Note that bot never offering sets your previously crafted badges and send only you need.
Please, craft your badges with sets in your inventory before. Bot checks only your badge page, not your Steam inventory


Current price in TF2 (Mann Co keys only) - 17 sets - 1 key
Current price in Sacks of Gems - 3 sets - 1 Sack of Gems
Current price is 1 CS:GO key 15 sets

What type of keys bot accept?
Currently not working with Hydra keys
All type of tradable CS:GO keys, including vanilla keys (except capsule) or Mann Co Supply keys
This bot easy working with not separated PUBG's keys

Max keys per trade - 70

Note that your keys must be tradeable. If you have bought recently them on steam market or in game you have to wait 7 days restriction before they can be used

In case of some issues - feel free to add me ADIOS :steamhappy:
Bot for suppliers Zetbot with good prices if you want to sell me sets
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EasyCard - Public Group
Easy level up your Steam account for keys
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+rep best bot ever i seen no joke
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🌀🌀🌀Signed By Light🌀🌀🌀
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┗┛︱┗┛ ┗┛︱┗┛ ┗━━┛
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🇼​🇮​🇹​🇭​ 🇾​🇴​🇺​ 🇮​🇳​ 🇩​🇦​🇳​🇬​🇪​🇷​, 🇼​🇮​🇹​🇭​🇴​🇺​🇹​ 🇾​🇴​🇺​ - 🇮​🇳​ 🇹​🇭​🇪​ 🇸​🇭​🇦​🇩​🇴​🇼​. :diamondstar: