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Affaa Mar 16 @ 10:31am 
:saviorsjonas: qing oph ze norph
Earl de Darkwood Feb 24 @ 8:02am 
Gasoline Feb 24 @ 12:36am 
Hi! I'm not sure if you care but I was planning on using your item "The Crew Combover" in an animation for a school project, I was hoping if it was okay to do so, and if so, would you like me to link your Steam page in the description of the video? Your name will be in the credits.
Earl de Darkwood Dec 20, 2018 @ 12:44pm 
Secret :steamhappy:
Doberado Dec 20, 2018 @ 12:12pm 
may i ask how much money do you make from those community made items?
Earl de Darkwood Dec 19, 2018 @ 11:53pm 
Thanks man !! Congrats to you as well :legitimacy: