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Creative Genius

You are a Creative Genius... Really...

you were born creative
A unique person with special gifts
only you bring to life

**and today is the day
to give yourself permission
to create a life you love.**

What do you want to create today?
A painting that illuminates the colors in your soul
A song that expresses deep dreams and desires
A dance that celebrates the joy of lie
A poem that makes the heart sing
Will you build, sculpt, sew, plant, cook, repair, remake
and reveal some sustaining contribution
that makes life better for yourself
and for the world around you?

Your whole life can be a work of art
whatever you do.
There is art in making a meal
in work well done
arranging flowers
comforting a friend
cherishing a loved one
reaching out o help another.

You can even bring your creative soul
to mundane work
just by being aware
of the potential hidden in every moment.

You are a unique creative genius
and you get to choose
what you bring to life.
If you don't bring it to life
it will never exist.

today is the first day
of the rest of your life.
So what do you want to create?

I'm eagerly watching to see what you'll do
because I know
you will create something wonderful.

You can do it!

- author unknown
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