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IDentifyYou Dec 3 @ 5:32am 
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Orange Juice Chewer Nov 13 @ 3:17am 
Just setting a reminder here to ensure that you're chewing your orange juice thoroughly. :profgenki:
76561199302471485 Oct 1 @ 8:31am 
Every night, as I try to sleep I can feel my once robust limbs as if they were still there, I feel happiness only to be awoken to a real nightmare as images of bubbles and scales flash throughout my mind. I feel every fiber of my being being nibbled on by bottom feeders as I'm slowly torn apart limb from limb, I lie there in agony as I relive the moment where by bones shattered like glass and my flesh was torn like paper; over and over until I scream myself to sleep... if the great homosapien - fish war has taught me anything: it's that the human being and fish can not coexist peacefully, but every waking moment I see politicians like George doublueew bush spewing propaganda to the contrary. They are no better than the gilled barbarians who wrought this waking nightmare upon me.
Icycrevasse Sep 1 @ 3:58pm 
Hey, added to ask abt the attendant
Orange Juice Chewer Jul 25 @ 3:21pm 
Soup :stickmansteve:
sonatine Jul 23 @ 11:57am 
I'm 18, I'm Kpop trash, I'm male, I love Nintendo (specifically The games Legend of Zelda / Mario / Pokemon) I watch mainstream anime every now and then. I waste my life on TF2, Instagram and YouTube. I also have a foot fetish (。・ω・。) NO MEN. traps/female only (´∀`)♡ Any ways, you guys should add me! I would add all of you but sadly I can't :( Im looking for friends! NOT a waste of a friend space. Please add me, check out my profile! ಥ⌣ಥ ily all.

why is osk not your featured group