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I love her https://soundcloud.com/hydroxlol
Anarchy : are you hydrox who is totally unrelated to a guy named naruto nine-tailed fox coat
whoa, check it out. she's doing it with a squid!
GenuineSpyCrab : hydrox is a poo poo head
*DEAD* A very smart cookie : almost sure the scout is using aimbot
Koomah: ill ask my boy trump
EzzieRa: wanna join my vrchat competitive team
what's up doc: fuck yeah
EzzieRa: we squeeze our fake breasts really really fast and overpower the competition
retrograde: the greatest
EzzieRa: you mean you want me to open my videogame
EzzieRa: and craft scrap
ˡᵘᵛ hydrox: yes
EzzieRa: for you
EzzieRa: wtf
ˡᵘᵛ hydrox: whyn ot
EzzieRa: i just wanna make midnight pancakes
ˡᵘᵛ hydrox: bruh
ˡᵘᵛ hydrox: its 137
ˡᵘᵛ hydrox: an hour and a half past midnight
EzzieRa: an hour and a half past midnight pancakes
I love her
idk about kalied but stay night shirou was a shittier shirou who just kept yelling saber every 3 minutes in a fight

i edit videos
dont click me
I love her

.soundcloud [soundcloud.com]

I love her

I love her


I love

I love her.

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the chemicals in the water are making the frogs gay
sleepyhead Apr 1 @ 8:23pm 
i played csgo
and got worse
yelling at you basically Mar 30 @ 11:32am 
Here in my mom's basement, just bought this new body pillow. Fun to pretend that my waifu is coming to laifu. But you know what I like more than body pillows? Figurines. In fact, I'm a lot more proud of these 20 shelves that I bought to hold all 400 of my figurines.
who me? Mar 28 @ 4:29pm 
thanks dude
meca Mar 28 @ 6:24am 
nice vac faggot
who me? Mar 20 @ 3:17am