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Team Fortress 2 Item Trading
:sapphire: Want to Sell:
:theorb: Unusual Armored Authority: Anti-Freeze - 120 keys
:theorb: Unusual Team Captain: Electrostatic - 330 keys
:theorb: Everything else I have for sale [bazaar.tf]
:sapphire: Want to Buy:
:theorb: Nothing ATM

:arkgears: Steam trade offer link
:arkgears: Backpack.tf profile [backpack.tf]
:arkgears: TF2Outpost profile [www.tf2outpost.com]
:arkgears: Bazaar.tf profile [bazaar.tf]

Steam Game Trading
:arkgears: Barter.vg profile [barter.vg]
:arkgears: Steamtrades profile [www.steamtrades.com]
:arkgears: Lestrade's profile [lestrades.com]
Team Fortress 2 Inventory
Unusuals Owned:
:blaser: Officer's Ushanka: Aces High (thanks Prower)
:blaser: Bonk Helm: Burning Flames
:laser: Armored Authority: Anti-Freeze
:laser: Backwards Ballcap: Roboactive
:blaser: Team Captain: Stormy Storm
:blaser: Chieftain's Challenge: Circling Heart
:blaser: Bloke's Bucket Hat: Burning Flames
:blaser: Capo's Capper: Circling Heart
:blaser: Lucky Shot: Roboactive
:laser: Team Captain: Electrostatic
:blaser: Armored Authority: Roboactive
:blaser: Strange Anger: Steaming
:blaser: Voodoo JuJu (Slight Return): Memory Leak
:laser: Head Warmer: Blizzardy Storm
:blaser: A Head Full of Hot Air: Ancient Codex
:laser: Soldier's Stash: Burning Flames

Australiums Owned:
:laser: Rocket Launcher
:laser: Scattergun
:blaser: Wrench
:blaser: Ambassador
:blaser: Frontier Justice
:laser: Medi Gun
:blaser: Sniper Rifle
:blaser: Tomislav
:blaser: Blutsauger
:blaser: Force-A-Nature
:blaser: Knife
:laser: Black Box
:blaser: Grenade Launcher
:blaser: Eyelander
:blaser: SMG
:blaser: Minigun
:blaser: Axtinguisher

Promos Owned:
:laser: Earbuds
:blaser: Bill's Hat
:blaser: Max's Severed Head
:laser: B.M.O.C.
:blaser: Fireproof Secret Diary
:blaser: Summer Hat
:laser: Genuine Horace

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KissDavid # GriF-Touch Nov 2 @ 10:45pm 
+rep Fast Trade & Good Trader =)
megayetipus Sep 9 @ 4:27pm 
+rep great trader
lulunds Jun 5 @ 5:49am 
+rep very very fast trader thx for trade:spycon:
Zombie (Pasha) May 12 @ 11:49pm 
+rep, thank you for trade.
Delisper Dec 24, 2017 @ 5:34pm 
Congratulations, you won Risen 3 complete from me on Sg. Since this is a reroll (last winner had base game and all dlc and could not activate key) I will send a friend request to avoid that happening again. Hope you have a Merry Christmas today :)
WNB Nov 22, 2017 @ 5:41am 
thx for the bats :replicaheart: