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Osiągnięcia gracza
Odblokowano: 14 sierpnia o 15:47

Fall Bae

Share a hug with a Fall Guy
Odblokowano: 14 sierpnia o 15:44

One small trip

Qualify from your first round
Odblokowano: 15 sierpnia o 13:17

Face First

Qualify from a racing round despite falling over more than 10 times
Odblokowano: 14 sierpnia o 15:32


Equip your first cosmetic item
Odblokowano: 14 sierpnia o 15:49

Flawless Victory

Qualify from a round without falling over even once
Odblokowano: 15 sierpnia o 15:05

Stumble Chums

Bump into other Fall Guys 1000 times in total
Odblokowano: 12 września o 14:42

Style Points

Fall for at least 3 seconds before landing on your head
Odblokowano: 15 sierpnia o 13:37

Big Bully

Knock someone over
Odblokowano: 14 sierpnia o 15:36


Bump into 3 people while rolling on the ground before getting up
Odblokowano: 15 sierpnia o 13:16

Fall Throttle

Reach terminal velocity


Win your first Episode

Fall Guy Fashionista

Unlock 50 cosmetic items from the store

Shopping Spree

Unlock 10 cosmetic items from the store

Bargain Bucket

Equip an uncommon or better Body Colour, Pattern, Upper and Lower Costume piece

Mad Trendy

Equip a rare or legendary Body Colour, Pattern, Upper and Lower Costume piece

Head Turner

Equip a legendary Body Colour, Pattern, Upper and Lower Costume piece

Catwalk Model

Equip your first legendary customization item

One to Watch

Reach lvl 10 fame during a season

Household Name

Reach lvl 25 fame during a season

Star of the Show

Reach lvl 40 fame during a season

Ahead of the Pack

Get first place in a racing round

Quite Dashing

Get first place in a racing round 5 times

Track Star

Get first place in a racing round 20 times


Win 5 Episodes in a row

Top Tier

Win 7 Episodes

Golden Guy

Win 20 Episodes

One giant leap

Qualify from 100 rounds

Veteran Status

Qualify from 500 rounds

Show Off

Win an Episode with a custom Celebration equipped

Squad Goals

Win an Episode as part of a party of 3 or more players

Down to the Wire

Qualify after a round goes to overtime

Low Baller

Qualify from a team game with a score of 1

Big Tease

Perform an emote just before coming first in a race round

Big Air

Clock up 1 hour total time falling