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I do the daily challenges in Ziggurat and in 2020 got the #1 victory for at least 120 days of that year. I have the high ground :P But honestly, Ziggurat is the perfect FPS and should be used as the template for all who aspire to make an incredible FPS.
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F**KING BRUTAL!!! Red Dead Redemption 2 human blood trail is BRUTAL ASF!
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Easily one of, if not the best, FPS rogue-lite dungeon crawler out there. I owned this on Xbox and really enjoyed it, so much so I bought it again on PC.

The ambience and lighting are immaculate. You actually feel like lights are emanating from various sources/objects. Being in the midst of a semi-dark room, while Shaman are spawning carrots and you have light orbs chasing you, it feels fantastic. It honestly might be the best atmosphere/lighting/ambience I've ever seen in a game.

Lots of weapons, characters, perks, amulets, with a decent amount of enemies and bosses, on top of having a Daily Challenge and Endless style modes, Ziggurat really is one of the best games ever made. I wish AAA studios would look at this game and be like, "Yo WTF are we making, look how lit this is, fam! We haven't made something this dope in the last 20 years"

I really hope Milkstone Studios kept the artists/environment designers and use them to make a Ziggurat 2 someday. I'd buy it in a flash. Until then, I'll be playing this daily for thousands of hours to come. 11/10

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I'm a notorious trash talking gaming god who loves:
• pwning your noob ass :-P
• comedy
• metal
• injecting oreganos
• alternative ideologies

Think of me like a blend of Morpheus, Larry David, a Clown and Danny DeVito (from the wild seasons (4-7) of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia). Just with the passion of Anakin slaughtering the younglings thrown in.

I'm an honest mofo and natural bug finder/stumbler. I love FPS, RTS, Arcade, Top Down Shooters, Tower Defense and comedy in games. If you want brown nosing ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, look elsewhere. I'm the real, straight shooting, trash talking OG... that your mother worries you'll become. You can do it. ;-)

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