Nicolas   Strasbourg, Alsace, France
Started CS1.6 in competition early 2000. (SteamID 0:0:46257)

» Honorable results and fun facts on CS 1.6 :

- Ranked 1st on ESL French ladder for a few weeks with AiB.
- AiB team has been unbeaten on lan, in our region ("Alsace") for 2 years. Our secret ? We went to bed at 11PM.
- Played and coached Alsace region team in the ESL "inter-région" championship in 2004 (if I remember well).
- Qualified for the ESWC and WCG french finals in 2003. Our sponsor payed the hotel + train tickets. At that time, we were leaving the beginning of e-sport as known today.
- Played for AiB with a former 'team France' player (s0mbry), and after a few monthes he told me : "guy, your the MIP of our team"
- One of our team manager (McLane) took part in a TV reallity show called "Marjolaine et les millionnaires". He was one of the 5 last challengers.
- On lan, we played a match with "panty hose" on our heads (on T side, of course).
- Used to sometimes play mix/practice with/versus the french top/subtop teams. #*w* was your "private" channel on IRC. People had to be co-opted by others to be able to join the channel.
- I meet the famous french player aAa-bisou once during a random party with 30 poeple near the "Seine" in Paris. When he started to say hello to everyone, I told him "Hi aAa-bisou" when we shaked hand, then I saw the "WTF ?!! :D" in his eyes.
- Once on lan, I left my team (L-oOk-) for a few hours because I had to play a basket-ball match 100km away from the lan place. I missed one or two pool phase matches, but my mates passed the 1st stage anyway.
- With L-oO-K, during a semi-final match: we were playing on-stage... we were really hot and were leading the score board. A random guy unplugged our electrical multiple socket by mistake and our 5 PC's turned off. We finaly lost the match.
- In 2002, I meet "MoMaN" french player / coach / twitcher. We won against his pickup team. Then he talked to us some strange stuff... I told to myslef... "I don't know who the hell is this guy, but he speaks A LOT !"
- During WCG 2003, I saw the famous "ElkY" Starcraft pro player (1st french Starcraft player in to play in Korean pro league). He came on stage with a cosmonaut suit and fireworks. Then he lost versus a guy in short.
(ElkY now plays poker and won over 13 million $)

» Palmares CS1.6 :

- Eternal Lan 3 --- Top8 (Pm) septembre
Universe, Sc0rPi0, WilL, Atorus
- Lan67 v1 --- 1st (GiP) novembre
aTo, skwi, kenshin, SuYuZ
- Qlan22 --- 1st (GiP) decembre
aTo, skwi, Universe, kefranc

` 2003
- Qlan23 --- 1st (GiP) janvier
aTo, skwi, Universe, kenshin
- Resodrome13 --- 1st (GiP) fevrier
aTo, skwi, Universe, kenshin
- Lan67 v2 --- 1st (AiB) avril
aTo, TenSan, s0mbRy, SuYuZ
- ESWC FR --- 1/4 lb (AiB) juin
aTo, TenSan, s0mbRy, SuYuZ
- Resodrome14 ---1st (AiB) juillet
aTo, TenSan, SuYuZ, McLane
- LanParty 68 --- 1st (AiB) juillet
aTo, TenSan, s0mbRy, SuYuZ
- LanLag 7 --- 1st (AiB) septembre
aTo, TenSan, SuYuZ, sparky
- WCG.fr --- lost aAa, GG, D4 (AiB) septembre
aTo, TenSan, SuYuZ, sparky
- Lan67 v3 --- 1st (AiB) octobre
aTo, TenSan, SuYuZ, sparky
- ESL FR ladder --- 1st (AiB) 4 mois
aTo, TenSan, SuYuZ, s0mbRy, Pandora, sparky

` 2004
- Lan67 v4 --- 2nd (AiB) janvier
aTo, TenSan, SuYuZ, sparky
- Meta Lan 4 --- 5th (delirium [gather]) fevrier
Enibib, LmX, kAZAMA, SuYuZ
- LanLag 8 --- 1st (AiB) mai
aTo, TenSan, SuYuZ, Mickey
- LanParty 68 #2 --- 2nd (rank1 [gather]) aout
TenSan, SuYuZ, Owen, Ranieri

` 2005
- MaxLan 2 --- freeplayer
- Electrofox 2 --- (Mystra) juillet
adora, ana, Jako, sekMet
- LanParty 68 #3 --- 3rd (reaLitic.mix) aout
leblazz, muh, ShqGqrth, txc

- Zilan --- 4th (L-oO-K) Juin
CaNNa, DarK, Jako, Sh0ck
- diGitalsace --- 4th (L-oO-K) Octobre
CaNNa, DarK, Jako, Sh0ck

` 2007
- Lan Party 67 --- 2nd (L-oO-K) Janvier
CaNNa, DarK, Jako, Sh0ck
- Zilan 5 --- 4th (L-oO-K.mystra) Mars
DarK, Jako, sekMet (dit "le turk"), Sh0ck

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