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Do You Love Me?

I looove love love you.
Unlocked Feb 1, 2022 @ 1:07am

Needy Girl Overdose

MY darling would catch a grenade for me. What about yours?
Unlocked Feb 6, 2022 @ 9:32pm

(Un)happy End World

I am a superstar with a big, big house and a big, big car! I am a superstar and... I don't really care, actually.
Unlocked Jan 24, 2022 @ 7:23am

Happy End World

Quit the internet.
Unlocked Feb 1, 2022 @ 1:14am

There Are No Angels

Hop and step, may I have this dance? This is the world's end, shall we do the “one, two”?
Unlocked Feb 6, 2022 @ 9:22pm

Utopian Parody

Our world is happy and mundane, no more anger.
Unlocked Feb 6, 2022 @ 11:31pm

Labor is evil

You better work bitch.
Unlocked Feb 6, 2022 @ 9:26pm

Painful Future

All around me are familiar faces, worn out places.
Unlocked Jan 26, 2022 @ 10:08am


Wouldn't it be wonderful being together all alone, walking hand in hand?
Unlocked Feb 6, 2022 @ 11:24pm

Rainbow Girl

I'm sorry I can't come out of this screen :(
Unlocked Jan 24, 2022 @ 8:43am

Fallen Angel

Fly away now, fly away now, fly away...
Unlocked Jan 24, 2022 @ 7:23am


A perplexing thing called love took over, and then I couldn't keep my heart-space from splitting in two.
Unlocked Jan 24, 2022 @ 7:23am


The bitter scent of candy remains embedded in my heart, can't make my way home 'til the rain lets up.
Unlocked Jan 24, 2022 @ 8:13am

Bomber Girl

P-chan go explode
Unlocked Jan 26, 2022 @ 9:29am

Normie Life

I'm living in a rat race, I'm looking for my soul in the lost and found.
Unlocked Jan 26, 2022 @ 8:23am

So Close Yet So Far

I need you desperately, oh here am I waiting for you...
Unlocked Jan 26, 2022 @ 8:23am


The bond between us has finally broken. There's too much unspoken, we're falling so far apart.
Unlocked Jan 24, 2022 @ 8:37am

Comment te dire adieu

This is your perfect adieu... good to the last drop.
Unlocked Feb 6, 2022 @ 11:41pm


Get YOUR Very Own Paypig Today!
Unlocked Jan 24, 2022 @ 7:23am


Those who don't fight won't survive.
Unlocked Jan 28, 2022 @ 5:47am

Cut wrists

My love is going crazy.
Unlocked Jan 24, 2022 @ 8:13am


It's poison for you.
Unlocked Jan 24, 2022 @ 8:47am

Took psychedelics

This messed-up internet is a psychedelic rainbow.
Unlocked Jan 24, 2022 @ 8:13am

Smoked grass

It’ll all be better soon.
Unlocked Jan 24, 2022 @ 8:13am

Ground Control to Psychoelectric Angel

Even if we're on different wavelengths, I know you'll still understand me, and that's what I love about you.
Unlocked Jan 26, 2022 @ 9:45am


Please take only the recommended internet dosage.
Unlocked Jan 24, 2022 @ 8:13am

Welcome To My Religion

Come and worship KAngel...
Unlocked Jan 28, 2022 @ 5:47am

Nerdy Girl Overload

Heartless Angel
Unlocked Jan 26, 2022 @ 10:08am

Blazing Hell

Moeagare, Moeagare ANGEL!
Unlocked Jan 26, 2022 @ 8:47am


The internet died... and I was given life.
Unlocked Feb 7, 2022 @ 12:16am


You dig my grave, and I'll dig yours.

Galactic Express

Let's head to our eternal utopia of brave love.

Internet Runaway Angel: Be Invoked

Cosmos ni Angel to