Different Heaven
Diego   Berlin, Germany
                           Oh, I surrender, time to forget ya                                             
                               I'm too tired to forgive ya
                         It's too hard on my liver And you know

                        And I will never want much more                    And in my heart I will always be sure                           I will never forget you            And you’ll always be by my side till the day I die
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4Am and I cannot say goodbye
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faL Sep 17 @ 11:48am 
To toda machucada
Luckyhahaha ") Sep 15 @ 4:40pm 
Saudades , tu eh brabo demaix lek :csgo_explosion:
bazzojj Sep 14 @ 10:44pm 
saudades seio de calabresa
pkr Sep 13 @ 10:56am 
kd vc menor safadao
unluckyL^.^ Sep 13 @ 7:01am 
all your life in 60 sec
agustin carrara Sep 12 @ 1:35pm 
agora você é level 15, meu parceiro!